Smile-Friendly Fall Favorites: Fun With Orange!

It’s always worth discussing the colorful, natural foods out there that can help protect your child’s smile. As you know, kids are quite fond of colorful foods, holiday themes, and anything that tends to make eating fun. If you’re feeling out of ideas and a little overwhelmed by the influx of candy and confections this fall season, then consider something that is sure to creates some enjoyment, while protecting your kids’ oral health: Eating orange! It’s seasonally appropriate and your kids just might think it’s cool.

About Orange Foods

Nope, not all orange foods are healthy. However, let’s talk about some fall favorites that are orange and that look that way for a reason. They’re packed with beta-carotene! It’s a nutrient that your body converts to vitamin A, which just happens to be very good for one’s oral health. It helps protect moisture levels in the mouth, as well as keeping teeth nice and strong. When you and your kids enjoy these foods on a regular basis, they can be very beneficial!

What’s Included?

Think about all things fall-harvest-like and you’ll get it in an instant. Orange-hued, beta-carotene packed foods include things like pumpkins, carrots, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes. Fortunately, some of these are quite easy to include in your daily meals. Pop some sweet potatoes into the oven and bake them like a white potato. Purchase baby carrots as a fun snack or add them to a salad. Or, find a simple recipe and get cooking with the kiddos! Your oral health will most certainly benefit (and your taste buds will, too).

Protect Teeth With Smart Nutritional Choices

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