Halloween Time: 3 Things To Watch For

The extraordinarily fun, kid-friendly, not-so-friendly-for-your-smile holiday we all love to celebrate during October is just around the bend! Yep. Before you know it, you’ll be helping your children put the finishing touches on their costumes and you’ll be reminding them about their manners when they go house-to-house for candy! While you may feel prepared regarding decorations, fun, and outfit details, you might not feel too certain about protecting your children’s oral health on this sugar-filled day. Don’t worry. We’re full of advice when it comes to things to watch for!

#1: Painful Reactions To Candy Eating

Keep an eye on your kiddos while they eat their candy. Not only to ensure they don’t overdo it but also to make sure they’re not wincing in pain! If you notice any unpleasant reactions to biting into a piece of sugar, let us know. It could be a sign of an oral health issue like a cavity that we should take care of ASAP.

#2: Too Chewy, Too Hard, Too Crunchy Candy

It’s always a good plan to sort through your kids’ candy before handing it over. Take out anything that seems extremely chewy, super crunchy, or extraordinarily hard. You’ll avoid chipped, cracked, damaged teeth and dental work this way.

#3: An Overstepped Schedule

We know very well how cute it is to see your kids in their adorable costumes, how much fun it is to bring them to collect candy from the neighbors, and then how lovely the look on their faces is when they get to sort through their goodies and eat them! While maintaining your schedule on days like Halloween can be difficult, it’s still important. You don’t want to be faced with kids that are too tired to brush and floss before bed, especially after eating sugar, so keep an eye on the clock!

Come To Us For Holiday Time Tips

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