It’s Autumn: Keep Our Tips In Mind!

Yes, we know that the very last thing you want to think about once autumn makes its exciting appearance is telling your kids, “No” or telling yourself the same thing! We agree that this is a very cozy and lovely time of year. We also agree that the many snacks and invigorating details that come with it are pretty nice, too. However, with that said, we know that you do want children’s oral health to remain in beautiful condition. So, take a quick break, gather up some helpful tips, and enjoy the season!

Tip: Say “No” To Fake Pumpkin

Of course, you might not necessarily say “no” to pumpkin-flavored delicacies. However, we do like to remind you that there is a very real difference between pumpkin spice flavored cookies and real pumpkin. Since everyone enjoys fall flavors, we encourage you to introduce your kids to pumpkin through the best means for their oral health! Cook up some raw pumpkin as a snack (a little salt will make it yummy). Cook up a soup. Or, consider baking the seeds for a special smile-safe treat!

Tip: Rinse And Brush

Whatever it is you and your little ones choose to indulge in, we hope you have a truly delightful time! Since the likelihood that you will spend at least a little time enjoying sugary treats like candy or pastries (and acidic drinks like cocoa and apple cider) is high, here’s our suggestion:

  • Rinse with water while you’re eating or immediately after. This is very beneficial for oral health!
  • Have the whole family brush their teeth after a half hour past rinsing. You’ll get through fall (and winter too) with a greater chance of avoiding cavities.

Come To Us For The Helpful Smile Tips Kids Need

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