Taming The Sweet Tooth

A sweet tooth is when you get a hankering or craving for something sweet. Adults get them and so do children. Recent studies show that children may be biologically wired to crave something sweet to gain the energy they need to grow. During growth spurts, children may get a sweet tooth more often. However, with the abundance of candy, sweetened cereal, and junk food, the craving for sweet energy drifts away from natural fruit towards the unhealthy stuff. Processed sugar increases the risk for obesity, diabetes, cavities, and other health problems. Developing healthy habits at a young age can set children up for healthy habits through life.

Resetting dessert habits

A habit could be formed where the sweet tooth comes out after a meal. Bodies become conditioned to expect dessert after the savory food. Try serving dessert along side dinner. Keep the portion small, and prevent seconds from happening. Having the piece of chocolate between the chicken and the green beans can start to re-train the brain from the post-meal dessert craving.

Rethink the drinks

Soda is loaded with sugar. Even natural fruit juice can be very sugary. A small glass of juice in the morning is okay if it is balanced out with water for the rest of the day. Save the sugary drinks for special occasions.

Mindful meal choices

Breakfast can be the most sugary meal of the day between pancakes and syrup, sweet cereal, or flavored yogurt. Being mindful of labels can help. Incorporate more eggs and savory elements into breakfast. Throughout the day, check the labels on everything and find more natural alternatives. You would be surprised how much added sugar could be in bread or peanut butter.

Protection from bad choices

On the special occasions with the special treats, remember to drink lots of water. Water will help the mouth to produce saliva to rinse harmful bacteria away. Brushing and flossing twice a day is super important to prevention, as well as regular visits to the dentist.

A sugar tooth can be tamed

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