Protecting Teeth With A Bedtime Routine

A good oral hygiene routine is key to preventing major dental problems. A good routine at bedtime is helpful for children to develop habits and ease stress. The American Academy of Pediatrics developed a simple routine called “Brush, Book, Bed” for parents and children to do together. Every night there are the same three easy-to-follow steps: helping your child brush their teeth, reading a book together, and keeping a consistent bedtime. Brushing with your child ensures that you are their to help them. If you are brushing with them, they will want to be cool and brush just like you! Just remember how important it is that the toothbrush is the last thing to touch the teeth before bed.

A sleeping mouth is a cave for bacteria

During sleep, the body produces less saliva, which is the body’s natural rinsing agent. Without that natural rinsing, the mouth becomes a perfect habitat for harmful bacteria to feed on any leftover food or drink to create decay-causing acid. So, it is important that the mouth is cleaned of any residue from the day before bedtime. Even cough syrup can cause problems for the teeth. Cough syrup is designed to coat the throat which means it can coat the teeth. So, again, it is important that the last thing to touch the teeth is a toothbrush. Though drinking water (only water!) is perfectly fine after brushing.

Tips for kids’ brushing

Monitoring brushing time is essential for kids between the ages of three and six. Adults should assist children under the age of three. As soon as a tooth appears, you can brush. Before the first tooth appears, you can wipe down the gums. Make sure to use a small amount of toothpaste, no bigger than the size of a pea for kids older than age 3 and no bigger than a grain of rice for younger, to prevent swallowing of excess toothpaste.

Protect your child’s teeth with a bedtime routine

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