Don’t Forget About Mouthguards!

Do you have kids who love being active? Yep, we thought so! As you’ve noticed, your little ones love to be on the move and this commonly includes joining sports teams and taking up other athletic ventures. What you might not have considered yet, however, is the fact that it’s wonderful for your children to enjoy themselves through sports, it also presents a bit of an oral health hazard. Just about anything that can end up coming into powerful contact with your child’s smile can lead to injury. So, what to do? Learn more.

Say Yes To Mouthguards

Remember that there’s no reason to avoid a mouthguard. They’re comfortable, simple, and they can help your child avoid all manner of injuries. If you’re uncertain about which type of mouthguard to choose to protect your child’s oral health (particularly if you aren’t certain if you want a store-bought option or a customized guard), please talk this over with us. We are happy to provide explanations and guide you toward a solution that will work for your child.

Why Bother?

You might think that the likelihood of your child incurring an oral health injury is extremely low, so going out to purchase a mouthguard might be a waste. We beg to differ! Don’t overlook the following:

  • Your child’s smile can be damaged from any type of ball or sports equipment
  • Your child can accidentally run into something (like a post) if he or she isn’t looking
  • Another child’s foot, knee, arm, or hand can come into contact with your child’s mouth accidentally
  • Paying to restore your child’s smile after accidental damage is much more expensive than a mouthguard

Protect Your Child’s Smile With A Sports Mouthguard

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