Kids And Ice: Our Reminders

As summer approaches, you can almost hear the clinking of ice cubes in tall glasses of refreshing beverages. While relying on ice is an easy and calorie-free way to keep drinks cold, it might not be the type of thing you want your little ones getting their cute tiny fingers on. Why not? Well, ice presents an oral health hazard to everyone. Consider some reminders as they apply to your kids for some direction.

Ice Cubes Present A Choking Hazard

An ice cube is a choking hazard, which is why it’s a good plan to keep ice cubes out of drinks (and out of reach) until kids are old enough to responsibly enjoy them without swallowing them. Not sure when this might be? Talk it over with your child’s pediatrician.

Ice Cubes Can Crack Teeth

As you know, ice is rock hard! As a result, it’s not something you want to attempt to break down with your teeth. Just as this can crack your tooth and damage your oral health, it can do the same to your son or daughter’s smile. We encourage you to offer crushed ice instead (or no ice at all until kids are older).

Ice Can Erode Enamel

While you might know to be careful or limit yourself with the ice crunching, your little one may like the feeling or the refreshing sensation. Unfortunately, chewing on ice whether it’s pre-crushed, cubed, or otherwise can lead to eroded enamel. Skip this oral health problem by limiting access to ice.

Craving Ice Is A Sign Of Iron Deficiency

There’s no major rhyme or reason to the link between an iron deficiency and craving ice. However, this is a common problem for adults and something that can affect your child. If your little one seems to want a lot of ice (all the time), it’s worth checking out with your pediatrician.

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