Dental Sealants Q&A: What Now?

Once you provide your child with dental sealants, you breathe a huge sigh of relief. Those often difficult to thoroughly clean back chewing surfaces have a nice thin, plastic barrier over them to keep plaque and food particles out. This can greatly reduce your stress related to the potential for your child to experience tooth decay and the need for fillings! Then again, you may find that while this particular strain of stress melts away, another one crops up: You wonder what happens now. The sealants are in place, so … now what? We can answer those pressing inquiries with some helpful responses.

Questions and Answers

Question: Now that the chewing surfaces of my child’s molars are coated with dental sealants, what should dental hygiene entail? Can my son or daughter just skip brushing these areas?

Answer: Your child still needs to brush his or her entire smile. Dental hygiene should continue as always. Think of the sealants as a safety net only. The goal is for them to help your child, while optimal brushing habits develop.

Question: I know that sealants can last for around 10 years or so but how do I know how well they’re doing or if they ever require a touchup?

Answer: You don’t need to worry about this on your own. When your child comes in for twice-a-year dental checkups, we will keep an eye on the sealants and will let you know if a reapplication becomes necessary.

Question: What if I think my child’s dental hygiene habits have become exceptional? Should we have the dental sealants removed at that point?

Answer: Sealants are always beneficial and will wear away on their own. As a result, they do not require removal.

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