Could an App Actually Help Protect Your Kids’ Smiles?

Over the last several years there has been a disturbing rise in childhood tooth decay, and that has troubled more than just the kids suffering from cavities. Pediatric dentists and educators have also taken notice. Fortunately, some have been inspired to think out of the box when it comes to inspiring kids to take better care of their smiles. In that spirit, one pediatric dentist in particular, Dr. Diane Buyer, actually developed an app that teaches kids about the beverages most likely to lead to tooth decay, as well as the ways they can help to prevent dental damage!

How Can You Get Kids More Interested In Their Oral Care?

Studies indicate that just over 40 percent of children under 11-years-old are now diagnosed with cavities. Of those, 20 percent have developed cavities in permanent teeth. The keys to preventing decay include daily dental hygiene, routine dental checkups and cleanings, and limiting sugar, which seems to be a hard part of the equation for many families.

Buyer’s app is called Drinks Destroy Teeth, which was created in conjunction with the Indiana Dental Association who founded the Drinks Destroy Teeth campaign six years ago. Both the campaign and the app aim to educate kids about oral health, but particularly about how sugar can erode teeth, and how many of the beverages they are used to consuming are dangerously high in sugar.

Though aimed at kids, the app also has resources available to help educators and parents make dental care a part of their kids’ ongoing education.

Of course, the app isn’t the only way to help educate your kids about the importance of proper dental hygiene, routine checkups and cleanings, and of course, the way their dietary choices influence their oral and overall health, as well. The American Dental Association regularly presents new instructional videos, printable coloring pages and other kid-friendly materials about dental health!

Kids’ Need Dental Cleanings?

A healthy diet and dental hygiene can help protect your kids’ smiles, but they still need to see the dentist regularly. To schedule a visit for your kids, contact Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda, at 214-321-4880.

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