Got Questions About Baby Teeth? Your Pediatric Dentist Could Help!

As a first-time parent, you likely already have your hands full balancing your new life as a mom. You may even be feeling overwhelmed by questions, like how often your child should be napping, eating, or visiting the doctor. In fact, you might not have had a spare second to start thinking about your child’s dental care, yet. Fortunately, your pediatric dentist is there to help you take great care of your baby’s smile. Often, that begins with answering any questions you might have about pediatric dental care!

When Should Kids Start Brushing?

As soon as your child’s first tooth appears, it is time to begin brushing. Initially you won’t need to use any paste, however around age two you can begin using a small smear of fluoridated toothpaste. Around the age of three, dentists recommend increasing that to a pea-sized amount.

Your kids should begin brushing their own teeth as soon as they have enough dexterity to do so. Just keep in mind that you will likely still need to apply the paste for them, and monitor to make sure they’re not swallowing toothpaste.

If they’re struggling to develop proper technique, demonstrate on your own teeth, or watch an instructional video together as a family. The American Dental Association has provided great resources for kids and parents, alike.

When Will My Baby Begin Teething?

Most babies begin the teething process, or erupting teeth, around six months old. It’s not uncommon for kids to only begin erupting teeth around the age of one, though. Even those broad guidelines are just estimations, though. So you shouldn’t be concerned if you start seeing teeth before or after this estimated milestone.

By the age of three most kids will have all 20 of their baby teeth!

Even Babies Need Dental Care!

After the age of one, even babies need to see the dentist. To schedule a visit for your child, contact Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda, at 214-321-4880.

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