Encourage Good Dental Habits At Home

As a parent, there is a lot you must do to help ensure your kids grow up happy and healthy. Unfortunately, caring for the teeth and gums can sometimes seem at the bottom of that priority list. Over time, lax hygiene and poor dietary choices, plus skipping out on routine preventive dental visits, can lead to a great deal of dental problems. So, make sure you are encouraging good dental habits, at home, by exhibiting great oral care habits, yourself, and by making dental care a family priority!

Brush and Floss, Together, As a Family

One simple way to stress the importance of proper dental hygiene is by exhibiting good hygiene, yourself. With younger kids, it can be particularly helpful if you choose to brush and floss your teeth along with them. This helps you demonstrate proper technique, and also allows you to keep an eye out on them, without feeling like you’re micro managing their every move. For older kids, it can be constructive to remind them that when they go to brush and floss their teeth, you are doing the same. This helps reinforce the principle that dental hygiene should be a lifelong process, not something they will outgrow.

Make Dental Visits a Priority

Another important habit is seeing the dentist regularly for preventive care, like checkups and exams. Dentists recommend kids first see the dentist around their first birthday, and then proceed to visit at least twice a year for cleanings.

These appointments give the dentist an opportunity to remove tartar buildup, and also to address any problems that have developed, such as cavities.

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