Make Dental Care More Fun for the Family

Do your kids frequently complain about having to brush and floss their teeth? Does enforcing dental hygiene practices sometimes feel more like a daily battle than parenting? If so, have you considered that maybe you could take a new approach, one that might actually help make dental care more fun for the whole family? There actually are some simple and pediatric-dentist approved ways you can help make dental hygiene feel less of a chore for both you and your kids. That is great news for those of you tired of feeling like you’re pulling teeth, when simply trying to make sure your kids are caring for theirs.

Brush and Floss As a Family

Sometimes kids feel singled out, or that they’re held to different standards than their parents. To help ensure they realize that dental hygiene should be a lifelong habit, not just something you require of them, because they are kids, why not start brushing and flossing as a family? Seeing you demonstrate proper technique can be extremely helpful for young kids. It also allows you to monitor them, without making them feel like they’re being policed. Flossing, in particular, can help make sure their next dental checkup is a success.

Let Kids Pick Out Their Own Dental Products (Within Reason)

Of course, your kids will need their own toothbrushes and toothpastes in order to care for their smiles. Allowing them to pick their own can help them feel empowered, even excited about brushing. Take advantage of the variety of options designed to appeal to kids, such as toothbrushes with cartoon characters or superheroes on them, and toothpaste that is flavored like grape or bubble gum, instead of traditional mint. Just make sure you limit their choices to those that are age appropriate, and which carry the seal of the American Dental Association, to ensure they’ll be safe and effective products.

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