Simple Tips for Healthy Baby Teeth

Do you want to do all you can to help ensure that your children’s teeth remain strong and healthy as they grow? Great parents, of course, care about keeping their kids healthy. Unfortunately, it is sometimes easy to overlook caring for kids’ smiles, particularly since their baby teeth will eventually fall out, anyways. Right? If you have found yourself wondering why baby teeth are so important, or even how to care for them, it can be helpful to understand the function they play, and that they require the same kind of diligent care adult teeth need. That way you can help your kids care for their smiles, now and as they grow.

Why Are Baby Teeth So Essential?

Baby teeth serve important functions, namely to help hold the place for permanent teeth that will eventually erupt, or come in. They can also help protect the gum tissue, though, which can be important in helping to prevent gingivitis, which is a chronic condition that can affect both the smile and the body, due to the bloodstream’s connection of the two.

Teach Your Kids to Brush and Floss

Brushing and flossing, combined, help to make for excellent dental hygiene. Even young children can learn to develop these skills, too. It just requires some time and practice. Most school-aged children should have the dexterity to begin brushing and flossing themselves. That said, most pediatric dentists recommend adult supervision until they are old enough that you are no longer concerned they might swallow toothpaste.

Plus, making dental hygiene a family affair can help you set a good example for your kids, of the importance of ongoing oral care.

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