Are Your Kids Really Caring for Their Teeth?

Most parents are familiar with the toothbrush test. For many, it serves as a quick check to make sure that their kids are actually brushing their teeth. Unfortunately, this is not enough to accurately determine whether kids are caring for their teeth properly. It can’t always even determine if kids are brushing their teeth or simply wetting their toothbrushes (as they can be prone to do). If you really want to make sure your kids’ smiles are getting the preventive care they need to stay healthy over time, it is important to combine excellent dental hygiene, at-home, with professional care from a pediatric dentist.

How Can You Help Kids Better Care for Their Smiles?

Why not make dental hygiene a family affair, by brushing and flossing with your kids, rather than separately? This not only allows you to make sure your kids are actually brushing and flossing, but it can also help make sure that they are doing so with proper technique, and for an adequate amount of time.

Brushing should take two full minutes, while flossing should take another few minutes, once the technique is learned. This can take some time, but most school-aged children have the dexterity needed to develop these skills. Once they have learned to tie their own shoes, they are usually ready to begin brushing on their own (with supervision, that is), as well.

Make Sure They Attend Routine Checkups

Of course, another important way to make sure kids’ smiles are properly cared for is by taking them for routine dental visits, including bi-annual checkups and cleanings. This is what most pediatric dentists recommend as a bare minimum for preventive care, though it is important to note that some kids, particularly those prone to cavities, may require more frequent visits in order to adequately prevent damage to the teeth.

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