Is Dental Care Really That Important for Kids?

Are you sometimes tempted to let your kids ignore their dental hygiene, at least sometimes, because they’re “just their baby teeth, anyways?” It is understandable to want a break from constantly monitoring your kids’ dental practices. Unfortunately this can lead to problems down the road, not to mention it may set them up for a lifetime of lax dental hygiene, which will have increasing consequences as they age. So, while it might not seem fun, or some days even worthwhile, teaching your kids to properly care for their teeth, if you want them to keep showing off those smiles you love so much, it is important that they take great care of both their teeth and their gums, from a young age and beyond.

Brushing and Flossing Are Developed Skills

Like so many things that your kids may struggle with initially, brushing and flossing are skills anyone can master. They also happen to be very important habits for protecting one’s oral health, making it an important lesson to review with them.

Many dentists recommend brushing your child’s teeth, yourself, until he or she develops the dexterity to tie his or her shoes. In general, this is good indication that it’s time for the child to begin learning how to brush and floss. So keep working with your young kids until they are able to brush and floss properly, on their own.

Dental Visits Should Start Early, Too

It is also important that kids start visiting the dentist regularly, around the date of their first birthday, because routine preventive checkups and cleanings are imperative to keeping teeth and gums healthy, as well.

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