Are Your Kids Taking Great Care of Their Teeth?

As a parent, it can be a lot of work making sure your kids stay safe and healthy. Unfortunately, dental health is often the least of many parents’ concerns, which can contribute to a host of dental issues, including cavities and even gum disease. If you want to protect your kids’ smiles from common dental problems, though, it is important to teach them great dental habits, and to take them for regular preventive care. Fortunately, caring for their smiles doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

Are They Brushing Long Enough, and with Proper Technique?

In many cases, especially where young children are concerned, it is not enough to ask your kids to brush their teeth. You need to monitor them, to ensure they are using proper technique, the correct amount of toothpaste, and brushing for long enough to adequately clean their teeth (about two minutes is recommended). Then, even when you are confident that your kids are old enough to brush without supervision, make sure you follow up with them, to make sure they are actually brushing at least twice a day.

Do They Floss Everyday?

Even many adults admit to failing to floss their teeth regularly, much less daily. Therefore it is important to both make sure your kids floss their teeth, daily, starting good habits early, and that you, yourself, floss regularly to set a good example (and to protect your own smile).

Are They Wearing Mouthguards During Athletic Endeavors?

Regular preventive dental checkups are important, but it is also essential to make sure your kids are protecting their smiles during any athletic endeavors, particularly full-contact sports. Custom mouthguards are a fast and effective way to make sure the smiles stay safe.

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