Do Your Kids Need to Floss Everyday?

Getting your kids to keep up their dental hygiene routine can feel like a much bigger chore for you, as a parent, than it does even for them. It is a worthwhile effort, though, since daily dental care is key to helping to keep their smiles healthy and cavity-free. While daily tooth brushing is one important part dental care, flossing should also be part of their daily routine. That is because flossing helps remove even more bacteria than brushing alone.

How to Teach Proper Flossing Technique

Brushing is great at removing food particles and bacteria from the surface of teeth. Unfortunately the bristles of a toothbrush cannot reach between teeth, where bacteria is prone to become stuck, and lead to irritation of the gums, as well as acidity that can cause cavities. Fortunately, flossing makes it possible to remove more of these bacteria, helping to preserve good oral health.

Proper flossing technique can take a bit more time and effort to learn, but it is possible, even for young children. You can start by letting them watch an instructional video, demonstrating the correct way to floss. Demonstrating yourself can also be helpful. Finally, make sure you supervise your kids’ dental hygiene.

At their next pediatric dental checkup, you can ask the dentist to review the importance of hygiene, with your kids as well. This way they will grow up knowing the ways to best care for your teeth, and why it is so crucial to do so.

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