3 Ways You’re Sabotaging Dental Hygiene Time

You may not realize it but keeping your little one’s daily dental hygiene session as uniform and consistent as possible is extremely important. The more the act of brushing and flossing every day, twice daily, at the same time is engrained into your child, the easier it is to build a foundation for a future of very healthy teeth and gums. We suggest you consider a few ways you may be sabotaging an otherwise wonderful routine, so you can reestablish those good-for-your-child habits.

#1: You Let Your Child Eat Right Before Brushing

For children and adults alike, brushing immediately after eating is not the best choice. Food particles are still heavily coating your teeth and your enamel is vulnerable to damage. Instead, wait approximately 30 minutes after your little one eats. Then go ahead and continue on with your usual dental hygiene session.

#2: You Eliminate Flossing As A Reward

One of the last things you want to do is give your child the impression that any part of home dental hygiene sessions is not essential. For instance, imagine offer to let your son or daughter “skip flossing” for just one night as a reward for doing something good. This can result in your child assuming flossing is unnecessary, which may disrupt his or her commitment.

#3: You Alter The Session As Punishment

Millions of Americans suffer from dental anxiety due to a wide variety of experiences – and even indirect experiences that they hear about from friends or family. By taking away a yummy toothpaste or a special toothbrush as punishment for something unrelated, you will end up causing trauma that disrupts the repetition of brushing sessions, takes away the joy of dental care, and may result in long-term anxiety. Remember to keep brushing and sessions completely consistent every day.

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