Preventive Visit Refresher

Do you know exactly what to expect when you schedule a preventive visit for your child? Are you certain that a cleaning has something to do with your child’s appointment but you are not quite sure what is included in these important, twice-annual experiences? We are always happy to keep our patients and their parents informed – the more you know, the more confident you will feel when it comes to keeping up with preventive care. Allow us to offer a quick run down of the fundamental building blocks of your little one’s office visit.

A Dental Exam

To begin, your child’s preventive care visit will include an oral exam. From children younger than three all the way up to our oldest patients at 18, this checkup portion of the visit is extremely important. We will look closely at the oral tissues and structures, including teeth and gums, ensuring all looks well. If anything appears abnormal, we will perform a closer inspection to diagnose any existing problems (consistent checkups give us the chance to detect and treat issues before they become problematic).

Advanced Imaging

A part of your child’s checkup includes advanced imaging – this simply means we will take digital X-rays of your child’s oral cavity for a very detailed comprehension of your little one’s smile.

A Dental Cleaning

Once we have examined your child’s smile, we will perform a thorough dental cleaning. This part of the preventive care visit is intended to remove the plaque that builds up and hardens into tartar on tooth surfaces. Consistently cleaning this away with professional care and home care offers prevention against cavities and gingivitis.

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