3 Things To Remember Before Checkups

Do you wonder how to approach bringing your child in to see us for a dental checkup? Are you trying to decide if you should tell your child stories about your experiences with checkups, so your son or daughter feels included in a legacy of good smile care? Or, are you worried that your child will develop an anxiety about dental care and you are wondering how to prevent this from occurring? Allow us to provide you with some helpful things to remember, so your checkup is easy and relaxed.

#1: Have Your Child Brush His Or Her Teeth

Showing up with a clean smile makes the dental checkup easy for everyone. We can immediately take a look at your child’s oral tissues and teeth before we move on to digital imaging. We can then follow the checkup with a dental cleaning without requiring additional time.

#2: Stay Calm

If you suffer from any anxiety regarding dental care or you are simply worried about your child’s state of ease, we suggest you do your best to stay calm. As you know, children often pick up on your mood and the things you say, so we always suggest you try to put a smile on your face and let your child know this visit for a dental checkup is just another item on your to-do list.

#3: Save Personal Stories

It may be tempting to speak with your little one about your previous experiences with dental care. However, whether the stories include good experiences or negative experiences, too much information and complex information can result in your child feeling overwhelmed. Keep the conversation light by focusing on the fact that going to the dentist is fun, relaxing, and important for a healthy smile.

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