3 Things To Mention During A Checkup

You bring your child in for a dental checkup once every six months so we can maintain a detailed understanding of his or her oral health. This is an excellent way to prevent damage or illness from affecting your child’s smile. While we cover a lot of ground with our efforts, you may be overlooking something: A checkup is also a wonderful time for you to ask questions, so you can keep your child’s smile in good shape between visits. Consider some helpful questions to ask the next time you visit us.

#1: Anything Out Of The Ordinary

Ask us about anything that doesn’t seem normal. Does your child’s tooth hurt? Are you seeing red gums instead of pink gum tissue? Whatever the case – even something that you worry might not be considered a dental issue – bring it up. If we cannot offer treatment, we will get you headed in the right direction. You might be surprised, however, how helpful dental care can be.

#2: You Have Questions About Hygiene

Are you feeling uncertain about the dental hygiene you and your child are performing at home? Ask us about this during your dental checkup. Even if your child is 16 and you are suddenly wondering if you have been brushing and flossing correctly, it is never too late to ask questions or request a demo.

#3: You’re Unsure About The Smile Timeline

Are you thinking ahead – possibly way ahead – about potential smile issues? Allow us to set your mind at ease by answering questions about the future of your child’s smile. Curious about when you need to think about braces? Wondering when you need to begin thinking about wisdom teeth? We are happy to explain.

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