Sneak Dental Care Fun Into Holiday Time

Do you begin feeling extra concerned about your child’s smile over the holidays? What is your biggest concern? Is your child becoming older and more independent and you want to think of a way to promote a positive outlook on dental care? Do you worry about your child’s dental hygiene throughout November, December, and even part of January (and then February!) because of the many exciting holidays that bring with them a bevy of delicious, sugary treats? Do yourself a favor and stop all of that worrying – we are happy to offer a few helpful tips for making sure your child’s smile remains healthy and bright, while home care remains simple to accomplish.

Suggestion #1: Consider Dental-Related Gifts

Just when you say to yourself, “Who would want a dental hygiene gift?” you might immediately realize how nice it would be to receive a high-end electric toothbrush. Your children are new to the dental care experience, so let them get excited about special items, like a children’s electric toothbrush, a special brush with a beloved character, or different flavors of floss.

Suggestion #2: Turn On Those Holiday Tunes

Do your little ones love the holiday music that makes every moment feel extremely festive? Find a special song that they love and make it a ritual for tooth brushing and flossing time. It will certainly put a smile on everyone’s face, including your own.

Suggestion #3: Make Treat Times Special

Rather than making the four-month stretch of heavy holiday time a free-for-all when it comes to candy and other sweet goodness, make it something special. What do we mean? Well, if you decide to give your child a box of chocolates on Christmas morning, let your little one know he or she can eat candy with meals (rather than allowing your child to graze throughout the day). Rinse and brush after meals and the dental hygiene problem is solved.

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