FAQs: Children’s Dentistry

Finally, you have time off from work and your children are out of school for a spell. You also have time to focus on those millions of details that seem to fall through the cracks during your usual very busy schedule. If one of those details includes the dental care your child receives, we hope you will take the time to give us a call if you are ready to schedule a visit for children’s dentistry. In the meantime, we would like to answer some questions that might give you a boost of motivation to contact us.

Questions and Answers: Children’s Dentistry

Question: Is holiday time a good time to schedule a visit for my child?

Answer: Actually, yes! Holiday time is wonderful for scheduling visits. Parents often have a little extra time – and children are out of school, so they have few distractions. We suggest you contact us right away, so we can set up an appointment that works for you and your little one.

Question: For which age group do you provide children’s dentistry services? I want to schedule a visit for my child but I am not sure about the age limits.

Answer: We provide pediatric dental care for children ages one through 18.

Question: Do you provide a comprehensive selection of children’s dentistry services, so I can address the diverse needs of my children?

Answer: Yes, we offer a full spectrum of treatments, including preventive care, restorative care, and even emergency dental care for life’s little mishaps.

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