Reasons To Schedule Immediate Care

When your child tells you that he or she is suffering from a toothache, you might find yourself pulled in several different directions. Contacting us immediately might feel like an overreaction but waiting too long can make you feel like you’re not protecting your child. The good news is that watching for common signs of problems and calling us right away is always a good move. From there, we can assist you in determining whether your child needs an emergency dental visit (which we will plan with urgency) or if a regular appointment will do.

Your Child Is In Pain

If your child complains of minor discomfort, you might want to wait a day to see if it subsides. However, if your child is experiencing ongoing or intense discomfort, we suggest contacting us immediately to schedule an emergency dental visit. In the meantime, over-the-counter children’s pain relievers can mask the pain until we see your son or daughter and repair the problem.

You Notice Swelling Or Redness

Have you noticed that your child’s gums look particularly red? Perhaps you have noticed some manner of swelling. Any type of noticeable change is reason to schedule a visit. Give us a call, so we can plan an appointment that works for your calendar (or an emergency dental visit if the issue requires urgent care).

You Can’t Address A Usual Issue

Did your child get a small amount of food stuck between his or her teeth? While this is usually something you can solve with a single pass of dental floss or a tooth brushing session, sometimes food becomes lodged in place. If you cannot remove the debris, don’t panic – and don’t continue to make attempts. Rather than irritate your child’s mouth or cause damage, simply contact us to schedule an emergency dental visit.

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