Q&A: Pediatric Dentist

Doing your best to protect your child in every way possible is something that causes you to hope against hope that someone would just hand you an instructions manual. The bad news is that just about every parent feels the same but there’s no manual in sight! The good news is that when it comes to safeguarding your little one’s smile, we can certainly help guide you in the right direction. A very common topic that comes up among parents is whether a child needs a pediatric dentist or if, perhaps, any dentist will do. Allow us to provide answers to questions commonly asked regarding pediatric care, so you can feel confident in your decision to choose pediatric dentistry for your child.

Questions and Answer: Pediatric Dentist

Question: Why should I select a pediatric dentist for my child? Aren’t all dentists alike? Don’t they all receive the same training?

Answer: No, all dentists are not alike. Different types of dentists often have specialized training in particular areas. A pediatric dentist, for instance, completes years of training in pediatric care after dental school.

Question: Are the services provided by a pediatric dentist for young patients the same as those provided by a general dentist for an adult?

Answer: In some cases, your little one will receive similar services like cleanings and checkups. However, some treatments are modified to protect developing teeth, while other treatments (like dental sealants) are suited to the developing hygiene habits of children.

Question: I’m really protective of my child’s smile but people keep telling me that since baby teeth eventually fall out, I’m being overprotective. Do I really need to bring my child to a pediatric dentist by the age of one?

Answer: Yes, we suggest you schedule your child’s first appointment by the age of one. Decay and gum disease is always a threat, even for your young child, which means care is essential. In addition, protecting baby teeth is necessary because they guide permanent teeth, they allow your child to chew food, and they assist your little one in proper speech development.

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