Serious Problem? We Can Help.

Is your child suffering with a serious dental concern? We sometimes find that parents are not quite sure when to call us about an issue, so they put off calling us in an effort to avoid overreacting. Unfortunately, avoiding care can result in additional complications that make treating your child’s smile more complex and costly. Rather than waiting it out, we suggest you schedule a children’s dentistry visit with us. We will quickly assess the problem, determine the best course of action, and provide your child with a treatment that will alleviate discomfort, while restoring beauty and oral health.

We Offer Dental Extractions

Rest assured, our last line of defense is the dental extraction. Our goal to protect your child’s oral health is always to save the tooth in question with restorative care, such as dental fillings or crowns. However, for a significantly damaged or infected tooth, we may need to create a fresh foundation by removing the tooth. This will include a plan (if necessary) for a future replacement.

We Provide Emergency Dental Care

An essential aspect of children’s dentistry (adult dental care, too) is emergency dental care. The unexpected happens when? When you least expect it, of course. Whether your child is suffering from a serious toothache, severe damage, or dental work has become damaged, we are ready to schedule an urgent visit.

Our Services Include Root Canal Treatment

An infection can be an unsettling diagnosis. The good news is that we offer root canal treatment as a children’s dentistry service. Similar to an adult treatment, it allows us to save your little one’s tooth. However, the younger version of a root canal is more conservative – we do our best to preserve as much of the tooth and interior tissue as possible.

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