Tips: Protecting Smiles During Halloween

Perhaps the only thing cuter than your child’s smile is seeing your little one in an adorable Halloween costume. Sure enough, your little ladybug, pirate, ghoul, or otherwise is likely preparing for this upcoming holiday by fantasizing about a bag full of candy. In the meantime, you are likely racking your brain, wondering how you can possibly allow your child to indulge and enjoy the day without feeling like you’re an irresponsible parent. Don’t worry! A little bit of fun and celebration won’t hurt as long as you use a thoughtful approach. Consider a preventive dentistry tip or two to keep your little one’s smile safe and sound.

Schedule Candy Time

Your kids, of course, would love to snack on their candy all day long. Unfortunately, doing so would leave their teeth coated in sugar, which promotes tooth decay. Instead, we suggest scheduling candy time. For instance, allow your child to eat candy after dinner, so it’s a one-time exposure to sugar (which will soon be followed by nighttime brushing).

Make Rinsing and Brushing a Priority

Regardless of schedule, rinsing and brushing after sugary treats is a wonderful way to protect teeth. Have your child rinse his or her mouth out with water after eating candy. Then, follow with a brushing session around 30 minutes later. This is actually always a good preventive tip whether you’ve just eaten a meal or a sugary snack.

Watch Out For The Sticky Stuff

Super sticky treats will coat your child’s teeth – and, they may damage any restorative treatments that are present, such as fillings. Limit or push these treats aside. In fact, whether it’s Halloween or just a normal day, this preventive dentistry tip is always a good way to protect dental work.

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