Gum Disease: Q&A

The gum health of your child is extremely important – unhealthy gum tissue may quickly result in severe side effects that endanger your child’s immediate and long-term oral health. The disappointing news is that periodontal problems can affect everyone, including your child. However, the exceptional news is that preventing gum issues is actually quite simple as long as you know what you’re doing. To learn more about your child’s oral health, we invite you to consider answers to frequently asked questions about gum health. In the meantime, remember to ask your remaining questions during your child’s next dental checkup.

Questions and Answers: Gum Disease

Question: What do you do during my child’s dental cleanings and dental checkups to prevent gum disease? Do these preventive visits help?

Answer: Preventive visits are exceptionally important. During this time, we will look for early signs of inflammation. The sooner we recognize a concern, the more successful the treatment we offer becomes. In addition, maintaining six-month cleanings allows us to keep your child’s smile free of plaque, which is the key factor in preventing periodontal disease.

Question: What are the potential side effects of gum disease? Should I be worried?

Answer: We don’t suggest that you actively worry about gum disease since it’s easy to prevent. However, it is important remain mindful of the significance of daily care and preventive dental checkups and cleanings. Neglected gum disease may result in tooth loss, gum recession, and even jaw tissue damage.

Question: How does gum disease affect my child’s smile if baby teeth are still present? Is tooth loss really a problem if they’re going to fall out anyway?

Answer: The disease will affect not only the baby teeth but also the gum tissue, connective tissue, developing permanent teeth, and jawbone. Keep in mind – protecting baby teeth is essential in allowing permanent teeth to develop correctly and in promoting successful speech habits.

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