Best Brushing For You And Your Child

If you aren’t quite sure how to best brush your smile for effective dental hygiene you may wonder if you’re passing along the best information and advice to your little one. The good news is that you and your child can both brush together – and potentially brush even better – by following some simple guidelines for ensuring you get your teeth and gums squeaky clean. Rest easy, even if you have been taking a misstep here or there, getting back on track toward an extremely clean, fresh smile is simple.

Make Sure Your Brush Is Fresh

If you’re using a dirty brush full of bacteria, you’re certainly not brushing your best. We suggest beginning with a fresh toothbrush (with soft bristles only) once every three months. However, if you notice that your brush looks like it could use a sprucing up, simply toss it out and purchase a new one early.

Brush Every Surface

It’s extremely important that you’re brushing every surface of your teeth for effective dental hygiene – not just the visible surfaces. Remember that you and your little one have front surfaces, back surfaces, sides, chewing surfaces, and tooth tissue along your gumline. For your gumline, hold your brush at a 45-degree angle toward your gum tissue and carefully drag the brush away from your gums.

Brush Your Tongue, Too

Your tongue holds onto bacteria, too, which means gently brushing it is essential. This practice will offer protection against smelly breath.

Time Yourselves

If it takes you less than two minute to brush your teeth, you’re not brushing long enough. Set up a timer, turn on a two-minute song, or find an enjoyable way to make sure you’re brushing for the suggested time for the most effective dental hygiene. 

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