Children’s Dentistry: Myth Versus Fact?

While taking care of your own smile requires dedication, making sure your little one’s smile remains healthy brings your commitment to a whole new level. As a result, your attention to separating myths from facts regarding children’s dentistry may become something at which you become consistently more adept. Of course, to make sure you are making the best choices for your child, we encourage you to bring your questions to us. We will shed light on the facts that will protect your son or daughter’s oral health.

Myth Versus Fact: Children’s Dentistry

Myth: There’s nothing we can do to monitor the alignment of your child’s smile. You will simply have to wait for permanent teeth to come in before you know whether orthodontics will be necessary.

Fact: During dental checkups, we will take digital X-rays, which can give us an early look at whether your child’s smile may require braces or other forms of treatment to improve alignment.

Myth: It doesn’t matter where you bring your child – whether you choose a children’s dentist or otherwise, care is all the same.

Fact: We always suggest bringing your child to a practice like ours that specializes in children’s dentistry. Our whole focus is providing your child with comfortable, compassionate care that results in a healthy smile and the establishment of good dental habits.

Myth: You don’t need to begin dental care for your child until his or her permanent teeth come in – taking care of baby teeth is not necessary since they will fall out anyway.

Fact: Baby teeth set the stage and lead the way for the permanent teeth below. Maintaining a healthy smile through home care and professional children’s dentistry is very important in safeguarding a smile that develops successfully.

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