Our Pediatric Dental Services

Keeping your child’s smile healthy and looking beautiful may require a wide variety of treatments. For instance, we always strive to protect your little one’s smile and surrounding supportive structures by practicing excellent prevention (while instructing you in home care). However, that doesn’t mean an occasional problem will not arise. A problem – of course – that we are ready to address and resolve right away with restorative services. Do you feel confident in dental care but you’re still curious about the pediatric dental services we offer for your son or daughter? Learn a bit more about your options for a broader understanding of what you can expect.

Preventive Checkup and Cleaning

We offer both preventive dental checkups and dental cleanings. The checkup allows us to monitor the health of your child’s smile consistently, so we can quickly address any changes. The cleaning provides us with the ability to clean away plaque that remains on your child’s smile after home brushing and flossing.

Dental Fillings

We offer dental fillings to treat tooth decay if it occurs. We will numb your child’s smile and may offer sedation. We will then remove the dying tissue from the cavity and fill the opening with color-matched composite for a beautiful finish.

Dental Crowns

We provide dental crowns (hollow, prosthetic teeth) to cover and protect severely damaged teeth that do not require extraction but do need significant help.

Root Canal Treatment

For an infected tooth, we provide root canal treatment. This includes the removal of the infected dental pulp tissue, the preservation of healthy tissue, and a filling that has been medicated. We may also protect the tooth with a crown.

Dental Extractions

For baby teeth that do not fall out or extremely infected teeth that will not respond to root canal treatment, we offer gentle dental extractions.

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