Promoting Your Child’s Best Oral Health

Lucky for you and your little one, there truly is a lot you can do to keep your child’s smile healthy and free of problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and other concerns. Fortunately, if you are already practicing good daily hygiene with brushing and flossing (and remembering to visit us once every six months for preventive care visits) then you’re already doing an exceptional job. However, if you find yourself seeking out even more extensive protection, we’ve got some extremely effective and helpful suggestions.

Choose Age Appropriate Products

You may notice when you are in the drugstore that there’s often a small section dedicated to children’s tooth products. This is because the size of the toothbrush and toothbrush head that you use is not appropriate for a little mouth and smile. Instead, you will need to purchase a child-size toothbrush for effective handing and care. They come in colors and designs much more appealing to little ones, too. The same goes for toothpaste – strong mint and cinnamon flavors are often too strong for young mouths. You will find gentler, more attractive children’s flavors.

Agree to Dental Sealants

We encourage you to consider dental sealants while your child is growing. they offer wonderful preventive care because they provide a barrier of back teeth chewing surfaces. These areas are full of small fissures that trap bacteria and food particles – they’re difficult to reach and clean even with effective brushing.

Say “Yes” To Fluoride

Fluoride treatment is another wonderful preventive care option for your child’s growing teeth. A naturally occurring mineral, fluoride replenishes minerals that your teeth may begin to loose – this can lead to tooth decay. Remineralizing teeth protects them from cavities, keeping teeth strong.

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