How To Choose Children’s Toothpaste

You may have flossing and brushing down to a science but that doesn’t mean you feel completely confident about every single choice you’re making. When it comes to selecting the proper products to achieve excellent home preventive care, you may find that you’re doing your best but a bit more education would be nice. To ensure you’re offering your child the most effective daily brushing, consider some easy-to-follow suggestions for making the best toothpaste selection possible for your little ones.

Choose Fluoride

Fluoride is important for developing teeth – it’s important for yours, too. You see, fluoride is a mineral that occurs in nature. It offers improved strength to the bone tissue that makes up your teeth. It can also offer re-mineralization to areas that are becoming weak as a result of early tooth decay formation. This means that fluoride equals cavity protection.

Look For The ADA Seal

Check out the packaging. If the container or its package does not have an “ADA Seal of Approval” this means that the American Dental Association has not approved the product. Rather than taking chances, seeking out this seal with assure you that you have chosen a product that will work for your child’s preventive care.

Choose Kid-Friendly Flavors

Who said brushing teeth had to be boring or uncomfortable? You may find that your little one isn’t a huge fan of the tingly sensation of flavors like mint. Instead, make preventive care enjoyable by seeking out something delicious. You will find a variety of pleasing options in the children’s section of the toothpaste aisle, such as bubble gum or strawberry.

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