Caring For Your Baby’s Smile

You may wonder when exactly dental care is supposed to begin. After all, your baby smiles the cutest smile you’ve ever seen, but for a while it’s a toothless grin you’re ooh-ing and ahh-ing over. We also recognize that a major concern may be how to approach daily hygiene, while remaining careful to avoid irritating baby’s delicate tissues. Fortunately, by becoming familiar with the basics, you will know just what to do, when to do it, and how to keep your little one’s smile in excellent shape from the get-go.

Why It’s Important

Your child’s teeth are important in the developmental process of early childhood. First, it’s important to note that teeth are little placeholders, providing the pathway for future teeth. Keeping them healthy with dental hygiene now means a healthy smile in the future. Also, teeth provide your child with the ability to chew food and to speak. Developing proper speech habits relies on a full, healthy smile, so your child learns to articulate at the correct age.

Is My Baby Susceptible To Grown-Up Problems?

Unfortunately, the reason you need to keep your little one’s smile clean is that they are vulnerable to the same problems that can affect you as an adult. Both tooth decay and gingivitis can occur on little tiny teeth. The good news is that maintaining clean, plaque-free teeth with good dental hygiene is really all it takes to promote a smile that remains healthy. Preventive care goes a very long way for all ages.

How To Clean Your Little One’s Smile

If you’re cleaning your baby’s smile that does not yet have any teeth, you will simply need to wipe your child’s gum tissue with a wet cloth twice a day to remove bacteria. However, once a tooth appears, you may begin brushing the tooth with an age-appropriate brush with extra soft bristles. And, of course, schedule an appointment to begin dental care for your little one.


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