Helpful Tips For Successful Independent Brushing

When the day finally arrives, you will probably find yourself jumping for joy: It’s time for your child to begin brushing independently. This marks a very exciting moment in your child’s life and dental hygiene journey. However, you may find that equal to your enthusiasm is a feeling of hesitation. You may wonder how to best help your son or daughter along during this portion of learning how to brush effectively. First, we suggest that you wait until your child reaches the age of about six or seven before you begin independent brushing. Then, of course, we recommend that you take the following tips into consideration for an enjoyable experience:

Brush With Your Child

As your child begins brushing independently, you will still need to offer some guidance to monitor newly developing habits. In addition, you may act as a model for your child, demonstrating the ways to put toothpaste on the toothbrush and how to clean your teeth properly.

Choose The Right Brush

Choose soft bristles – they will gently yet thoroughly clean plaque and debris from teeth as long as you brush all tooth surfaces for a session that lasts approximately two minutes. Remember to look for child-size toothbrushes – packaging will typically include an age range to make shopping easier.

Make Toothpaste Exciting

A good guideline for choosing toothpaste is to find an option that carries the ADA (American Dental Association) seal of approval – you should also choose toothpaste that contains fluoride to protect and strengthen your child’s teeth. In addition, you can make this an exciting dental hygiene experience by allowing your child to choose a yummy flavor, so brushing is enjoyable.


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