Can Children Get Dental Fillings?

children get dental fillingsIn most cases, when you have a cavity, you get a filling to treat it. For children, though, dental concerns are often different, and you may wonder if your child’s tooth needs a filling, especially if it’s close to falling out anyway.

The point of a filling is to stop a cavity from growing, and therefore stop the infection causing it from spreading throughout the tooth. When a baby tooth gets a cavity, the infection can spread to the permanent tooth developing underneath it, and we may recommend children get dental fillings to protect their long-term dental health. (more…)

What To Do About Chewing Habits

questioncardsAre you beginning to notice that your child is developing some chewing habits that you are not sure how to address? Perhaps you are having trouble deciding whether the new behavior warrants any concern or if it’s something your child will grow out of. When it comes to anything you think might negatively affect your child’s smile and oral health, we always encourage you to speak up and ask us your questions. At the very least, we can dismiss the issue, so you feel better about things. Or, we may offer some helpful suggestions, so you can continue to safeguard your little one’s grin. Learn more about what to with some helpful information.


Avoid Infection With Prevention

preventionmarkerDid you know that the easiest way to avoid most problems with your child’s teeth and gums, even tooth infections, is to remain extremely consistent with preventive care? This includes the routine you have at home to clean your child’s smile. It also includes the routine you have with us – your preventive visits – that provide a dental cleaning and a dental exam to your little one. Allow us to explain more about preventing an infection and keeping your child’s smile in tiptop shape.


Preventing A Broken Tooth

toothbluebckgroundOne of the things you want to avoid as a parent is damage to your child’s smile, including everything from small chips to the need for dental fillings. While certain things – like accidental falls – are out of your control, there’s a good deal that remains within your control when it comes to avoid a broken or seriously chipped tooth. Allow us to offer up some suggestions, so you feel less anxious about keeping your little one’s smile intact and just as adorable as it has always been. Don’t worry – the guidelines are quite simple and very effective.


Q&A: Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

babyandbottleHave you been hearing the term “baby bottle tooth decay” lately and are not quite sure what this refers to? If you are in the process of learning how to care for your infant’s oral health, this is a very important topic. Fortunately, by becoming familiar with this potential issue, you can easily protect your little one’s smile for a grin that remains healthy for years to come. Do yourself a favor and consider some helpful questions (and answers) that we often receive about tooth decay from new parents like yourself.


Preventive Visit Refresher

tootharrowcircleDo you know exactly what to expect when you schedule a preventive visit for your child? Are you certain that a cleaning has something to do with your child’s appointment but you are not quite sure what is included in these important, twice-annual experiences? We are always happy to keep our patients and their parents informed – the more you know, the more confident you will feel when it comes to keeping up with preventive care. Allow us to offer a quick run down of the fundamental building blocks of your little one’s office visit.


Your Tooth Decay Questions

questionmarkgearsHave you been seeking out information about tooth decay but you aren’t quite sure whether you’re gathering details from reliable sources? Are you interested in better understanding cavities and how to safeguard the oral health of your child? Don’t worry – this is a very common journey, on which we are prepared and happy to join you. To begin, we suggest you take a quick look through some common questions (and answers) on the topic, so you may receive some helpful clarification.


3 Things To Remember Before Checkups

womanquestionhandDo you wonder how to approach bringing your child in to see us for a dental checkup? Are you trying to decide if you should tell your child stories about your experiences with checkups, so your son or daughter feels included in a legacy of good smile care? Or, are you worried that your child will develop an anxiety about dental care and you are wondering how to prevent this from occurring? Allow us to provide you with some helpful things to remember, so your checkup is easy and relaxed.


3 Things To Mention During A Checkup

dentalcheckupmagnifyingYou bring your child in for a dental checkup once every six months so we can maintain a detailed understanding of his or her oral health. This is an excellent way to prevent damage or illness from affecting your child’s smile. While we cover a lot of ground with our efforts, you may be overlooking something: A checkup is also a wonderful time for you to ask questions, so you can keep your child’s smile in good shape between visits. Consider some helpful questions to ask the next time you visit us.


Q&A: Can My Child Brush Independently?

questionstickiesWhen you begin wondering about your child’s ability to brush independently, you may find yourself a bit torn. First, if your child shows enthusiasm for dental hygiene and increasingly developing habits, you might want to let your little one brush solo as soon as possible. However, it is important not to give your child too much free reign too early, so you can ensure those brushing sessions are safe and productive. Allow us to offer some helpful answers to frequently asked questions, so you feel you’re on solid ground.