When Your Child Grinds Their Teeth Too Often

There are plenty of things to worry about when it comes to keeping your child’s smile healthy, such as teaching them good hygiene practices and helping them prevent cavity formation. However, some things are out of your control or ability to help them prevent, and the best thing you can do to preserve your child’s smile is to address them as soon as possible with appropriate dental treatment. For example, if your child grinds their teeth constantly, it may be a sign that they have bruxism and might need their dentist’s help to prevent causing their teeth extensive damage. (more…)

How to Help Your Child Avoid Cavities

Cavities can occur seemingly out of nowhere. While children’s teeth aren’t necessarily more susceptible to them on their own, their daily habits and practices can make them more likely to develop them at some point in their childhood. Because of this, children may need additional help in avoiding cavities and the potential harm they can cause to their teeth. This is especially important when it comes to helping them preserve their long-term smiles as well as their immediate oral health. (more…)

How Candy Can Cause Oral Bacteria To Spread

Dallas Halloween Candy SafeguardsThe leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground, the weather has gotten significantly cooler, and Fall is officially upon us. With Halloween just around the corner, we are officially in the holiday season. The only thing on most children’s minds, more likely than not, is trick-or-treating, and finding out what this year’s haul will bring them in the form of goodies and sweet treats. Because of this, we at Pediatric Dental Care in Casa Linda in Dallas, Texas want to provide some important information on candy and your child’s oral health so that you can celebrate the holidays safely.


Drive-Thru Community Events!

kids drive thru community eventsHalloween is now just a few days away, and many families in the area are unsure what to do. Some cities have canceled trick or treating, some have not. Experts from the Centers for Disease Control and other renowned health organizations even advise against trick or treating. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun this Halloween! In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist is listing four drive-thru events so your kids can enjoy spooky scares and fun treats while maintaining a good social distance too!


What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Dentist is treating a boy's teeth. Instilling upon children at a young age that oral health and hygiene is very important, and making sure a routine is followed reduces the risk of developing problems that require extensive treatment later on. While you may be following good habits, keep in mind that dental emergencies such as chipped, cracked, broken, or even knock-out teeth, can occur at any given time. While experiencing an event such as this can be frightening and you may not know what to do, know the team at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda in Dallas, Texas know just what to do in the event of an emergency and are ready to help.


Safe Halloween Fun For Families

halloween community eventsEvery Friday, we like to dedicate a blog to events happening in our community. With COVID-19 infection rates on the rise, we like to focus on outdoor, socially distant events or activities that you can enjoy virtually! In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist will look at three different events you and your little ones could attend for a spooky good time. Also, don’t forget that after Halloween is a great time to schedule a checkup, before the holiday season kicks in and your schedule gets a bit more hectic!


When to Consider Extracting Your Child’s Tooth

One of the most important goals in your child’s continued dental health care is to help them preserve their healthy, natural teeth without any, or with minimal, complications. This is especially important during the early years of your child’s oral health development, before their permanent teeth have developed and their oral structures have stopped growing. However, in some instances, promoting healthy growth and development of your child’s teeth and oral structures might require extracting one of your child’s teeth in order to avoid even more concerns with their smiles. (more…)

When Your Child’s Tooth Decay Gets Serious

There are many different concerns that your child might experience with their dental health, but that they can largely avoid with good dental hygiene and right level of preventive care. Tooth decay is one of the more common of these concerns, and fortunately for many kids, preventing and treating it can often be minimally invasive. However, when tooth decay becomes a more severe problem for your child’s tooth, the extent to which it can become a threat makes it a much bigger issue. (more…)

How a Dental Crown Might Improve Your Child’s Oral Health

While prevention is typically the main focus of your child’s dental care, there may sometimes be a need for more involved treatment to address a particular issue with your child’s tooth or oral health. For example, if your child’s tooth cracks or breaks, or experiences some other form of damage, then restoring the tooth with a custom-made dental crown could be crucial in preserving the rest of their oral health. Today, we examine a few ways a dental crown might help save your child’s tooth, and the benefits this can have for their smiles. (more…)

Socially Distant Community Fun

Now that the weather is cooling off, being outdoors in Texas isn’t a fight against the heat! Which means if you’re looking for fun community events that are virtual or socially distant, then there are plenty of outdoor ones available for you and your family. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist will look at four fun and exciting events you and your kids may want to check out!