3 Things Your Child Should Avoid for Healthier Teeth

When many parents think of their child’s dental health, common things like teaching them to brush and floss their teeth often come to mind first. However, much like keeping your own teeth consistently healthy, helping your child optimize their oral health often includes helping them avoid certain things that could increase their risks of developing oral health concerns. Today, we explore three things you should help your child avoid in order to help keep their smiles healthy on a consistent basis. (more…)

What Kind of Treatments Can Relieve Your Child’s Toothache?

When your child has a toothache, addressing it isn’t always easy, especially on your own. That’s because the discomfort is often a sign of something wrong with your child’s tooth, and addressing the underlying concern requires professional dental treatment. Today, we examine a few such concerns and how they can lead to your child’s tooth aching, as well as specific treatments we can customize to help your child find lasting relief from the pain. (more…)

The Real Dangers of Tooth Decay for Your Child

Child's Tooth DecayThe earliest stages of tooth decay don’t seem that serious at first. As your child’s tooth enamel grows weaker and weaker, their teeth might start to feel more sensitive, but the seriousness of the condition may not be apparent until the symptoms become much more severe. Because of this, children can often experience serious levels of decay by the time their dentist is able to address it. Today, we take a look at the real dangers of tooth decay in your child’s teeth, and why it’s important to take the condition seriously even when it seems like no big deal. (more…)

How to Make Dental Hygiene Easier for Your Child

Make Dental Hygiene FunSometimes, teaching your child to take care of their teeth properly takes more than just showing them the motions and expecting them to repeat them. If they aren’t at least a little excited about brushing and flossing their teeth, they aren’t likely to do it right when left to their own devices. Fortunately, making such a mundane process something to look forward to can be a lot easier than you realize at first. With these tips, you can have a better chance at making good dental hygiene easier for your child to stick to. (more…)

Different Aspects of Your Child’s Oral Health

Children’s dental health care is designed to help children maintain their healthy smiles and address issues that are specific to young smiles. For example, preventive treatments and services don’t just involve cleaning your child’s teeth, but also helping to promote their smiles’ healthy growth and development. Also, avoiding dental concerns, like tooth decay, doesn’t just protect their primary teeth, but help ensure their permanent teeth have a better chance at remaining healthy for life, as well. There are several aspects of your child’s oral health that might be slightly different than yours, which is why we offer a variety of personalized treatment and care options that specifically address these differences. (more…)

Should Children Worry About Gum Disease?

When it comes to your child’s oral health, there are some worries that are common, and rightly so. For example, cavities are one of the biggest concerns that could develop for your child’s smile, and many common children’s dental treatments focus on helping to prevent them. Some concerns, however, may be less common, such as the development of gingivitis and its progression into gum disease. Today, we examine how children might develop gum disease and what it might look like in your child’s gums, as well as how we can help your child protect their smile from it if it develops. (more…)

Does Your Child’s Tooth Hurt? Here’s What You Should Know

Children are great at exaggerating, but when it comes to complaints about their dental health, it’s always safer to take them seriously. For example, if your child complains of a toothache, it could be a warning sign of something more significant, such as a cavity. Even if your child exaggerates the level of pain they feel, the fact that the tooth hurts at all may be an important warning. Today, we examine a few things you should know if your child’s tooth hurts, including what it could mean and how we can help alleviate the problem. (more…)

When Tooth Extraction Is Part of Your Child’s Treatment

The differences between children’s dental care and dental treatment for adults are often more subtle than you might realize. For instance, teeth of all ages need certain routine care and preventive measures, such as routine dental checkups and cleanings. For both adults and children, the goal of consistent dental care is typically to preserve as much healthy, natural tooth structure as possible. Also, like adults, children may sometimes face severe oral health concerns in which extracting a tooth is the better option for preserving the rest of their smiles. Today, we explore a few instance when tooth extraction should be part of your child’s treatment, and why extracting the tooth may be the best idea. (more…)