Have a Great Time Learning at the Dallas Zoo

Learn More with Your Kids at the Dallas ZooAre you constantly on the lookout for educational adventures you can have with your kids? Whether you homeschool your kids, or simply seek to expose them to educational experiences outside of their usual learning environment, have you checked out S.A.F.E. Superheroes at the Dallas Zoo? Beyond seeing and learning about the animals, this exhibit also helps to teach kids (and adults, alike) about how zoos like the Dallas Zoo are actually helping by “Saving Animals From Extinction.” Every month, the zoo hosts this adventure, which includes a variety of guided stations that help educate guests about the importance of caring for our planet’s animals. (more…)

What’s The Big Deal About Baby Teeth?

Why Are Baby Teeth So Important?Did you know the technical term for baby teeth is “deciduous teeth?” Whatever you call them, though, do you ever find yourself feeling curious what function these baby teeth really serve? In fact, do you sometimes wonder if caring for baby teeth is actually all that important? Few people understand why baby teeth exist. If they did, they might be more diligent in making sure their children are taking great care of their smiles. That’s because baby teeth are actually an important part of the smile’s development. (more…)

Are Your Kids Really Caring for Their Teeth?

Are Your Kids Caring for Their Smiles?Most parents are familiar with the toothbrush test. For many, it serves as a quick check to make sure that their kids are actually brushing their teeth. Unfortunately, this is not enough to accurately determine whether kids are caring for their teeth properly. It can’t always even determine if kids are brushing their teeth or simply wetting their toothbrushes (as they can be prone to do). If you really want to make sure your kids’ smiles are getting the preventive care they need to stay healthy over time, it is important to combine excellent dental hygiene, at-home, with professional care from a pediatric dentist. (more…)

Are You a Good Dental Role Model?

Be a Good Smile Role ModelAs a parent, you likely already know that your kids are watching and often emulating all that you do. This can be great, when you are setting a good example, such as eating all your vegetables, or reading a book before bed. It can also be a little frightening, like if a PG13-rated word slips out during traffic or you think you’re sneakily stealing a cookie before dinner. To help make sure you’re setting a good dental health example, it is important to make sure that you follow your own dentist’s advice. (more…)

Enjoy High-flying Fun at the Trinity River Wind Festival This Weekend

Enjoy Fun at the Trinity RiverWere you hoping to make some fun, albeit last-minute plans for your family this weekend? If so, have you considered a departure from the usual Halloween-themed activities that dominate this time of year, in order to check out the 2016 Trinity River Wind Festival, an exciting display of kites and other wind-worthy attractions that will be in Dallas beginning at 11 a.m. on Saturday, October 29, 2016? This annual event is sure to be a hit with the whole family, so make plans now to head out to witness the flights of fancy, so to speak, that will be featured throughout the day! (more…)

Is Dental Care Really That Important for Kids?

Is Children's Dental Care That Necessary?Are you sometimes tempted to let your kids ignore their dental hygiene, at least sometimes, because they’re “just their baby teeth, anyways?” It is understandable to want a break from constantly monitoring your kids’ dental practices. Unfortunately this can lead to problems down the road, not to mention it may set them up for a lifetime of lax dental hygiene, which will have increasing consequences as they age. So, while it might not seem fun, or some days even worthwhile, teaching your kids to properly care for their teeth, if you want them to keep showing off those smiles you love so much, it is important that they take great care of both their teeth and their gums, from a young age and beyond.


Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Eat Healthier Foods

Avoid Dental Problems with Healthy DietDoes it feel like a nightmare, or at least a very trying task, attempting to get your kids interested in eating healthier foods than sugary cereals, cookies and cupcakes? Even when you try to withhold desserts or candies as a bribe that can only be enjoyed after they have eaten their healthier foods, does it seem they have no interest in consuming their veggies? Many parents face a metaphorical uphill battle, when trying to convince their children of the importance of proper nutrition. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to feel that way. To better protect your kids’ health and their smiles, why not consider these simple tricks for helping them eat a more balanced, nutritious, diet? (more…)

Can You Do Even More to Protect Your Kids’ Smiles?

Can You Better Protect Your Kids' Teeth?Do you ever wonder if there is more you should be doing, as a parent, to help ensure your kids enjoy great oral health as they grow? While you may already be taking lots of steps to ensure your kids health and safety in other areas of life, such as insisting they eat green vegetables, not just French fries, and that they always wear their helmets when riding their bikes, what are you doing to help them maintain lovely and healthy smiles? Developing good dental habits as a child, is a great way to grow up enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile. Fortunately, there are several simple steps you can take to ensure your own kids learn about the importance of dental hygiene and regular dental checkups, when it comes to protect the teeth and gums from cavities, gum disease, and other common oral health threats. (more…)

Are Your Kids Taking Great Care of Their Teeth?

Are Your Kids Caring for their Smiles?As a parent, it can be a lot of work making sure your kids stay safe and healthy. Unfortunately, dental health is often the least of many parents’ concerns, which can contribute to a host of dental issues, including cavities and even gum disease. If you want to protect your kids’ smiles from common dental problems, though, it is important to teach them great dental habits, and to take them for regular preventive care. Fortunately, caring for their smiles doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. (more…)

Don’t Miss Texas Veggie Fair This October in Dallas

Don't Miss Texas Veggie Fest in DallasAre you passionate about raising your kids to be healthy and thoughtful consumers, people who will look to shop locally and source their food responsibly as much as possible? If so, you won’t want to miss the upcoming Texas Veggie Fair. This annual event now in its 7th year will be held from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at Reverchon Park in Dallas. The fair highlights the many healthy food options available to the vegeterians and vegans in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, but also for the many families which would like to cut down their consumption of meat products as well as those simply interested in tips on green living and more! (more…)