Ways to Make Dental Care More Fun for Your Kids: Part One

Make Caring for Kids' Teeth More FunDoes convincing your kids to brush their teeth each night before bed feel more like torture than responsible parenthood? Are you tired of having the same dental hygiene debate every morning before they head out the door for school? Fortunately your pediatric dentist has lots of helpful ways to make dental hygiene more fun for your kids, so you can all enjoy healthy smiles without so much grumbling. And who doesn’t want that, especially on those already frantic weekday mornings? (more…)

Have a Cavity? How a Tooth-colored Filling Can Help

Do You Have a Cavity? How a Tooth-colored Filling Could HelpWhether it is you or your child that has developed a cavity, you probably already know that it’s time to see the dentist. Prompt restorative treatment is important with dental issues, because it helps stop decay and prevent worsening issues like an infection or even the need for an extraction. But what you may not realize is that a filling no longer means unsightly metal. Tooth-colored fillings provide a safe and more esthetically-pleasing restoration, compared to metal fillings, so that you, or your child, can smile both comfortably and confidently! (more…)

Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month with Your Kids

Celebrate National Children's Dental Health MonthYou may already be planning to show your kids how much you care, this Valentine’s Day, by giving them special gifts or even throwing a small party. But February isn’t just about celebrating Cupid’s arrival. It is also National Children’s Dental Health Month, an opportunity the American Dental Association hopes parents will take to teach their kids about the importance of regular dental hygiene and care. After all, few things are as important as your kids’ beautiful smiles. Make sure they’re well-cared for, and educate your children how to maintain healthy smiles throughout their lives. (more…)

3 Ideas For A Smile-Friendly Valentine’s Day

heartsvalentineAre you all excited about Valentine’s Day and can’t wait to see the look on your children’s faces when you hand over their special Valentine’s presents? Does the realization that you want to see those smiles but you don’t want to load your children’s teeth up with sugar cause you some hesitation? Don’t worry – there are fun ways to celebrate this love-filled holiday without negatively affecting oral health.


2 Bad Habits You’re Teaching Your Child

twogoldDo you consider yourself a wonderful role model when it comes to teaching your child how to care for his or her smile? If you are making sure your child brushes and flosses his or her teeth every single day according to our suggestions, then you are definitely on the pathway toward maintaining your child’s oral health. Combine this with consistent commitment to scheduling checkups and exams, and things are looking good. Unfortunately, parents sometimes become unaware of not-so-great habits that might be damaging their own teeth, while their little ones follow suit. Allow us to help by highlighting a couple habits to rethink.


Are Missing Teeth A Big Deal?

womanquestionchalkWhen it comes to an open space in your little one’s smile, this is often regarded as cute and a simple fact of growing up. Keep in mind, this is only the case when the opening is the result of a missing baby tooth making room for a permanent tooth. However, what happens if we have removed a permanent tooth due to infection – or if your child’s smile is simply missing a permanent tooth that failed to develop? Allow us to explain why replacing the tooth is important and how we can help your little one avoid problems with dental care.


Why Prevention Is Best

toothbrushclearcupWhen it come to squeezing preventive care into your schedule, showing up for a dental checkup can seem nearly impossible. We understand that making time for dental care and the million other things you need to accomplish in a single day can become quite challenging. However, we also want to make sure you are aware of the significance of prevention. Rather than waiting for a problem to show up, helping your child avoid oral health issues altogether is always preferable. Allow us to explain the reasons why.


3 Reasons We May Suggest Orthodontic Care

whyworldWhen you schedule a dental checkup with us for your child, our primary concern is monitoring the oral health of your child and offering treatment suggestions to maintain that health when necessary. As we watch your child’s smile develop, if it appears that smile is headed for misalignment, we may suggest orthodontic care. Parents often assume incorrectly that aligning a smile with orthodontics is strictly cosmetic in nature. In fact, we would like you to consider a few reasons why agreeing to straighten your child’s smile is extremely important.


All About Cavities

toothbluesideDo you spend what feels like a significant amount of time trying to protect your child’s smile from cavities? Do you limit sugar, give your child water instead of soft drinks or juice, and do your best to keep up with preventive care? If so, you’re doing a good job of helping your child avoid dental fillings. However, for your most successful experience, we suggest you learn more about how cavities form – and how you may reverse them.


3 Ways You’re Sabotaging Dental Hygiene Time

toothbrushanddentalflossYou may not realize it but keeping your little one’s daily dental hygiene session as uniform and consistent as possible is extremely important. The more the act of brushing and flossing every day, twice daily, at the same time is engrained into your child, the easier it is to build a foundation for a future of very healthy teeth and gums. We suggest you consider a few ways you may be sabotaging an otherwise wonderful routine, so you can reestablish those good-for-your-child habits.