What Can A Pediatric Dentist Do for Your Kids?

What Can a Pediatric Dentist Do for You?You already understand the importance of visiting the dentist regularly to protect your own smile against dental cavities and other oral health threats. But do you ever wonder what role a pediatric dentist should be playing in your family’s life? There are actually a number of reasons to take your children to a dentist that specializes in pediatric care. By doing so, you could actually help set them up for a lifetime of good oral health. (more…)

Healthy Tips That Can Help Young Smiles

Prevent Dental Problems with a Healthy DietAre your kids used to getting to eat whatever they want, particularly during busy school days? If so, they could actually be causing damage to their smiles. Too much sugar and a lack of nutrients, can contribute to dental problems like cavities. Acidic beverages can also be bad news for the smile’s health. Fortunately, with a little knowledge and self-control, your whole family can begin to make healthier choices for both your bodies and your smiles! (more…)

Got Questions? Your Pediatric Dentist Can Help

Got Questions? Your Dentist Can HelpDo you sometimes wonder what your kids’ smiles need in order to stay healthy and beautiful as they grow? When your children come to you with questions about their teeth or gums, are you sometimes embarrassed to realize you don’t know the answers? Most parents need advice when it comes to their kids’ oral health. Fortunately, a pediatric dentist is there to help protect your children’s smiles and educate you about how to raise them to enjoy great dental health. So, if you do have questions, don’t be afraid to ask the dentist, who can provide helpful advice and insight! (more…)

Irving’s Main Street Event Is Coming Soon

Family Friendly Festival In IrvingJust because summer is officially over and the kids have gone back to school, it doesn’t meant there aren’t still plenty of opportunities to have fun, as a family, on the weekends! In fact, in a few short weeks it will be time to once again enjoy the annual Irving Main Street Event. This is a street fair that is held each fall in the Irving Heritage District, which boasts a traditional hometown feel. The event will be hosted from 6 to 10 p.m., Friday, September 16 when there will be kids’ activities and music, and from 12, noon, to 6 p.m. on Saturday, September 17, 2016, when a car show will be held, along with live music, craft vendors, and much more fun for the whole family. (more…)

Three Warning Signs Your Kid Has a Cavity

Three Warning Signs Your Kid Has a CavityIt can sometimes be quite difficult for parents to determine if their kids are struggling with dental problems, the most common of which is cavities. Unfortunately, this means that kids are likely to struggle with dental decay for some time, before they are taken to the dentist for restorative treatment. If you want to make sure your kids maintain healthy and cavity-free smiles, there are a few warning signs you should be aware of, that way you can make sure your kids get the care they need, should they find themselves struggling with dental cavities. (more…)

Are You Setting a Good Dental Example?

Set a Good Dental Example for Your KidsDo you ever worry that your kids are picking up bad habits from you? Whether it is an over dependence on sweetened sodas or other habits that may someday affect your kids’ own health, most parents realize that one of the best ways to teach their kids to take great care of themselves, is by setting a good example in how they treat their own bodies, and their smiles. Sadly, many parents don’t follow through on the same dental care they try to teach their kids. If you truly want to set a great example for your kids, don’t forget to care for your teeth and gums the way the pediatric dentist ordered. (more…)

Be Careful Little Smiles What You Drink

Water and Other Helpful Tips for Oral CareNow that the school year has official begun, chances are your family is rushing from classes to extracurricular activities, and a host of other events that will keep you busy and out of the house during much of the day. But before you resort to lots of unhealthy options to keep your family fed, during these hectic fall months, remember the role your dietary choices play in both your overall wellbeing and your dental health! What you drink matters as much as what you eat, when it comes to your oral health, so be mindful of what your kids are drinking. (more…)

Does Your Child Need Restorative Dentistry?

Does Your Child Need Restorative Dentistry?No parent wants to see his or her child get hurt. Unfortunately, children are not immune to dental problems anymore than they are other types of injury. It is important, then, to make sure your kids know how to take great care of their teeth, but also to inform you when they notice changes that could indicate a problem. By catching dental issues, like cavities, early on, it is far more likely that a minimally invasive form of restorative dentistry could help save the tooth. So teach your kids to pay attention to their smiles, and to speak up if they suspect they could have a dental issue. (more…)

Protect Your Young Athlete’s Smile with Custom Dentistry

Protect Athlete's Smiles with Custom MouthguardsDo you have a burgeoning football, hockey or other athletic star on your hands who is about to start an action-packed season of practices, games and tournaments? If so, you may have already purchased all the athletic gear they will need to perform their best and make the team, but have you visited their pediatric dentist? Custom mouthguards are a great way to protect young smiles, and they can be particularly important for those kids who will be participating in full-contact sports like football, hockey, and many more. So make sure your kids are ready to score big on the field (or the rink), and to smile even bigger afterwards, with mouthguards carefully designed to protect their pearly whites! (more…)

Three Things that Can Be Bad for Your Kids’ Dental Health

Three Foods to Be Weary OfEvery parent wants to see his or her kids grow up healthy and strong. Unfortunately, when it comes to children’s dental health, many parents don’t know about the many potential threats their smiles will face on a daily basis. In fact, they may actually be serving them foods that could be bad for their teeth. If you want to avoid chips, cracks and cavities, here are a few foods that have no business in your kids’ diet, and a few others that should be used sparingly and thoughtfully, in order to protect their oral health. (more…)