Simple, Kid-Friendly Tips for Great Oral Health

Ways to Care for Kids' SmilesAre you worried about your kids’ dental health? Have they been prone to cavities in the past, or have you seen plaque buildup forming on the front of their teeth, lately? If so, there are great preventive steps that can be taken to care for those precious smiles, including many you have likely already taught your kids. Daily brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups are all essential parts of oral care. But did you know there are also other simple steps that can be taken to keep their smiles healthy? (more…)

Does Your Child Need Restorative Dentistry? Part Two

Could Your Child Need Restorative Dentistry?Are you concerned that your child may be struggling with a dental issue, like a cavity or even an infection? It can sometimes be hard for parents to determine if their children are suffering from dental issues, because many kids are not great at communicating when there is a change to their teeth or gums. Fortunately, there are some common warning signs you can watch for, as a parent, to determine if your kids’ smiles are staying healthy. Just remember, if you do suspect there is a dental problem, it is best to schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist, who can help restore your kid’s smile in the case of an issue. (more…)

Does Your Child Need Restorative Dentistry? Part One

Does Your Child Need ReStorative Dentistry?Has your son recently begun complaining about tooth pain? Does your daughter whine, while brushing her teeth, that it hurts to do so? Did you notice your son threw away most of his last ice cream cone, even though the flavor is his favorite? Have you seen your daughter holding the side of her mouth, as if in pain? If so, your child might very well need restorative dentistry. In fact, these are just a few of the potential warning signs that it is time for a child to see a restorative dentist. While it can often be difficult for a parent to know whether his or her child’s smile is healthy or not, it is possible to watch for warning signs. That way prompt treatment can be performed, if there is a burgeoning dental issue. (more…)

Be Your Child’s Healthy-Smile Role Model

be your child's healthy smile role modelIf asked how to ensure your child’s good oral health for years to come, most parents would answer that teaching children to care for their teeth properly is the most effective method. These parents would be correct, yet if that was their only solution, then they would be neglecting an important part of their child’s development.

Good oral health, like most of the life lessons that we teach our children, is best taught by example. So, today, we explore how to care for your child’s teeth, and observe how a parent’s example can influence a child’s oral health well beyond their earliest years. (more…)

Is Fluoride Good for Children’s Teeth?

is fluoride good for children's teethAs a parent, you want to do all that you can to ensure your children’s good health, and as part of that concern, you take extra care when teaching them to brush and floss their teeth every day. Establishing a good dental hygiene routine can help prepare your children for a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles, and the inclusion of fluoride can facilitate the growth of strong, dependable tooth enamel. As part of a complete hygiene and preventive dental routine, fluoride has proven itself useful at protecting children’s teeth from tooth decay and cavity development. (more…)

Can Children Get Gum Disease?

can children get gum diseaseGum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is usually a more prominent concern for adults than for younger patients. That’s because the conditions that lead to it can often take years to develop enough to show symptoms, or to become a significant threat to your oral health.

However, that does not mean that children are immune. Though not as common as cavities, gum disease is a product of inadequate hygiene and dental care, and in some cases, children can become at-risk for gum disease before reaching adulthood. (more…)

Worried About Your Kids’ Smiles? Teach Them Great Dental Care

Preventive Care Tips from Your Pediatric DentistDo you feel like it’s an almost daily struggle to get your kids to take proper care of their teeth? If so, you are not alone. Many parents get frustrated while trying to teach their kids proper oral hygiene, which could explain the troubling statistics surrounding children oral health in this country. According to the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation, 17 percent of American children are not receiving the oral care they need. So, while it may not always feel fun, it is important to teach your kids to care for their smiles from a young age, so they can enjoy healthy smiles as they grow!


How Do I Know If My Kid Has a Cavity? Part Two

How to Know If Your Kid Has a CavityNow that you know common symptoms of a cavity, like grey lines, discomfort and sensitivity to hot or cold foods, are you wondering what to do if your kid develops one? It can still be difficult to diagnose a cavity, at home, especially if your children are not very observant or good at telling you when they experience dental symptoms like these. That is yet another reason regular dental checkups are so important. By taking your children to see the dentist every six months, you reduce their chances of developing cavities, in the first place. Just as importantly, though, you also increase the chance of catching any cavities that do exist, early, which can mean the difference between simple and extensive restorative treatment.


How Do I Know If My Kid Has a Cavity? Part One

How Do I Know If She Has a Cavity?Most parents know that one of the biggest threats to their kids’ oral health is cavities. They can be caused by a number of factors, including a diet too high in sugar, poor dental hygiene, or simply genetics. Due to all these reasons, dental decay is quite common, in children as well as adults. However, that does not mean that cavities are inevitable. It just takes a lot of work to properly prevent them, through a healthy diet, regular dental checkups and also great dental hygiene, at-home. What should you do if your kid does develop a cavity, though? As a parent, it’s especially helpful to know the warning signs of a cavity, so that if your child does develop one, you will know how to react, so that his or her oral health can quickly be restored!


Celebrate This Easter with Smile-Friendly Treats

Healthy Easter Basket FillersWith Easter just around the corner, are you busy making last-minute plans to fill your kids’ Easter baskets with goodies, and their holiday with glee? If so, it can be tempting to fill the basket with chocolates and other candies. Sweet treats are readily available, inexpensive, and most kids love them, which explains why they’re considered gift staples in many households. Unfortunately, all that sugar can have a negative impact on kids’ teeth! In fact, sugar is a main contributor to the development of cavities, which can require restorative treatment. So, if you would like to elicit smiles without endangering them, this Easter season, here are some great alternatives to sweets that won’t pose harm to those precious smiles!