Things to Know About Your Child’s Toothache

When children develop toothaches, they don’t always handle them as calmly as adults often do. In addition to the pain itself, children might have no idea where it’s coming from or what it means, which could make their situation more stressful and frightening. At our Dallas, TX, dental office, we’re proud to provide the compassionate care that children need in a comfortable, calming environment to treat their toothaches and help them feel more at ease during their visit. (more…)

Learn About Hanukkah with the Dallas Public Library

When people say “Happy Holidays” one of the special  times they might mean is Hanukkah, the 8-day Jewish festival of lights. If you and your children would like to learn more about Hanukkah (or share the knowledge you already have with others) mark your calendar for the Dallas Public Library’s Celebrate Hanukkah program. Patrons are invited to come learn about the celebration of Hanukkah, which this year begins the evening of December 22. The program will have information and activities for a variety of ages from child through adult. (more…)

Is It Time for Your Child to Go to the Dentist?

When children are still very young, parents sometimes wonder when they should start bringing them to the dentist’s office for routine visits. Usually, the best time to start your child’s schedule of routine visits is just after the age of three years old. From then on, your child should visit the dentist as often as you should – at least once every six months. However, throughout your child’s oral health and development, it’s important to keep a close eye on their teeth, gums, and oral structures. Today, we take a look at a few times when you should make an appointment for your child outside of their routine preventive schedule. (more…)

Improve Your Child’s Chances of Never Needing a Pulpotomy!

Some dental treatments aren’t usually appropriate for children, for many reasons. For example, if your child loses a baby (primary) tooth, then replacing it with a dental implant wouldn’t be as good as an idea as it would be for an adult who loses a tooth. Root canal therapy is another treatment that’s usually recommended for adult teeth that have become severely infected. Though its much rarer for children to receive baby root canal treatment, or pulpotomy, it’s unwise to leave a tooth severely infected, even if it’s a primary tooth. Fortunately, with the right level of care and attention, you can help your child avoid the need for baby root canal therapy, even if tooth decay has already developed. (more…)

Outdoor Fun With Four-Footed Friends

Are you feeling a bit of cabin fever and ready to spend some time outdoors? The Centers for Disease Control cites benefits to pet ownership that include more opportunities to exercise, lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, and self reports of feelings less lonely. Whether you have a dog in your family, or can pair up with a neighbor or borrow a pooch from a friend, why not plan a visit to the White Rock Lake Dog Park, in Dallas, TX? (more…)

When Your Child Has a Dental Emergency

You put a lot of prep work into teaching your child to practice good dental hygiene and visit the dentist on a regular basis. Therefore, it can be alarming when an emergency situation arises that can instantly threaten your child’s smile. Fortunately, you and your child don’t have to face the emergency alone. At our Dallas, TX, children’s dental office, we have extensive experience helping young patients make it through most dental emergency situations and preserve the health and integrity of their smiles. (more…)

Is It Ever a Good Idea to Extract a Baby Tooth?

For much of your child’s oral health care, you’ve heard that preserving their healthy primary (baby) teeth is important to preserving their long-term oral health. Therefore, it may be surprising to learn that, as part of their oral health care, some children may require the removal of their primary teeth even if they haven’t fallen out on their own yet. However, if it becomes necessary, then it’s important not to hesitate, as it’s never a good idea to give the problem time to grow even worse. (more…)

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Can Baby Teeth Receive Tooth Fillings?

When you teach your child good hygiene skills and bring them to the dentist regularly for routine checkups and cleanings, you give them a good chance at avoiding things like cavities. However, cavities are the most common dental concern for a reason – it doesn’t take much for them to develop, and children sometimes need a boost in successfully preventing them. If your child develops a cavity in a primary (baby) tooth, we might recommend filling the cavity with a conservative, tooth-colored filling. Although the tooth will fall out eventually and make way for its permanent replacement, stopping the spread of decay and saving the tooth until then will be essential for keeping your child’s smile healthy. (more…)

Giving Kids a Better Chance at Preventing Cavities

Every parent wants their children to enjoy a lifetime of healthy, cavity-free smiles. However, it takes more than wishful thinking to protect kids smiles, which is why we focus on helping children of all ages proactively prevent cavities from forming with compassionate, high-quality care and conservative dental treatment options. From making good hygiene and education fun to providing personalized treatments for strengthening your child’s teeth, we can help you boost your child’s chances of avoiding ever having to deal with a cavity. (more…)