Why Treating Cavities Is So Time-Sensitive

Tooth decay and cavities are common enough that most people recognize the threat they might pose to their teeth. They may even recognize the threat it can pose to a child’s long-term oral health if it’s allowed to progress enough. However, the time-sensitive nature of addressing tooth decay isn’t always obvious until the condition has already become severe. One of the most important reasons to treat your child’s cavity as soon as possible is the fact that it will grow worse over time, and that time can often be much shorter than you expect. (more…)

Healthy Teeth Brushing Tips

One of the first hygiene practices that parents teach to kids is how to brush their teeth- and with good reasoning! A child’s dental health is incredibly important, as it can not only affect their smiles, but their overall health, as well. At Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda, we recognize the importance of allowing your children to maintain their dental hygiene habits on their own, but we also recognize that there are likely areas that could be improved when it comes to their routine. So, in today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist will share some tips to help your children brush their teeth more effectively.


If Your Child Has a Dental Emergency, Don’t Panic!

No matter how much work you put into teaching your child good dental hygiene and preventive care practices, you can’t predict when an emergency may occur. For children especially, dental emergencies can be very disconcerting. On top of the discomfort your child may feel, the surprise of it can add to their anxiety and make the situation much more stressful. Fortunately, helping your child get through a dental emergency is easier if you don’t panic, and know what steps to take next. (more…)

3 Times When Your Child’s Tooth Might Need Extraction

One of the most important goals of children’s dental care is to help your child preserve their healthy, natural smiles to promote better oral health growth and development. Sometimes, however, that goal is interrupted by a tooth that has to be extracted, and removing it could be necessary to preserving the rest of your child’s healthy smile. Today, we examine just a few instances in which this may be required, and how extracting the tooth will promote a much healthier smile for your child, for life. (more…)

Celebrate Irish Culture At The North Texas Irish Festival

Whether you are Irish or not, this weekend’s festival is sure to be something that everyone can enjoy. With live performances and tons of great food and drinks, your whole family will definitely find something to smile about, so make sure that those smiles are healthy by calling your Dallas, TX, dentist at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda to schedule your child’s checkup. At their checkup, we can check to make sure that their teeth are healthy and developing as they should, and we can recommend extra preventative care if necessary! Then, you can head down to the North Texas Irish Festival for fun family festivities all weekend long!


What to Do When Your Child Has Severe Tooth Decay

Tooth decay often plays a major role in children’s dental health care. In fact, most people experience it at some point in their lives, and for many people, the first instance is during their childhood. The good news is that tooth decay is more preventable today than it’s ever been thanks to advancements in dental hygiene and health care. Even if it does develop in your child’s tooth, decay can often be treated with a minimally invasive procedure, such as a tooth filling. However, if your child experiences more severe tooth decay, then more comprehensive treatment may be necessary. (more…)

Saving Your Child’s Tooth with a Dental Crown

For most of your child’s dental health care, preventive measures like excellent hygiene, regular checkups and cleanings, and more can help prevent a lot of problems from occurring. However, it can’t prevent everything, and some issues can affect your child’s teeth despite your best efforts at helping them prevent problems. For certain types of concerns, a custom-designed dental crown can offer the optimal solution for saving your child’s tooth and oral health. With the right type of crown, we can help prevent a problem with your child’s tooth from becoming a much more severe threat to their immediate and long-term oral health. (more…)

The TRILLF3ST Arts And Music Festival

If your family loves the arts and music, you’ll want to make sure to come out for the TRILLF3ST Arts and Music Festival this weekend in Dallas. Then, if you want your child’s smile to be healthy and bright, you’ll want to make sure to visit your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda for a checkup and cleaning.



3 Ways a Tooth Filling Can Save Your Child’s Smile

The fact that tooth fillings save teeth that have developed cavities is well-known. In fact, most adults have at least one filling in their teeth, due to the fact that cavities affect a majority of them to some degree. However, you may wonder if a filling can do the same for your child’s smaller primary tooth, or if it’s even necessary given the fact that the tooth will fall out eventually anyway. Today, we explain why treating your child’s cavity with a tooth filling is vital to saving their smile, and three ways in which a biocompatible filling can do so. (more…)

What Dental Checkups for Children Typically Mean

As an adult, you should be familiar with what your typical dental checkup entails, but that doesn’t always mean that your child’s dental checkup will go the same way. While a lot about caring for children’s teeth and oral health is the same as caring for your own smile, the reason children need children’s dentists is because they also have several concerns that are unique to their age. Today, we explore what dental checkups typically mean for children, and how we can help improve your child’s oral health by offering further protective treatments or addressing a concern that’s already developed. (more…)