Pre-Summer Suggestions For You!

Just when you thought you had it all figured out, sorted, and planned along with spring’s arrival, our Dallas, TX team comes along with early reminders for summer! Not to worry, these aren’t pressing matters to take action on immediately. Instead, we simply like to offer up some gentle alerts ahead of time, so as you enjoy this lovely spring season, you can begin thinking about what’s coming up for the very warmest of the year’s months as it applies to your kiddos’ dental care!


It’s Back: Dallas Pizzafest 2019!

Whether you missed it last year or enjoyed the opulent indulgence, you have probably been counting down the weeks, days, hours, and minutes until its return: It’s Dallas Pizzafest and the cheesy, delicious goodness is quickly headed our way. Set a reminder in your phone, mark your calendar, announce it to the family. It’s a Dallas, TX event that is too good to pass up!


A Few Reminders: Parent Guilt, Social Media, And Your Child

In the ever-growing world that becomes more global on a daily basis and in which social media takes up much of our attention, it’s easy to become sidetracked by parent guilt! One second, you think you’re doing an amazing job and the next, you see a post on Instagram that makes you question every single decision you’ve made in the last 24 hours (potentially including oral health choices for your kiddo). Our Dallas, TX team has some reminders for you that can help you burst that bubble, so you realize that like all parents, you’re doing a great job.


3 Cavity Reminders You’ll Want To Remember

You don’t love thinking about cavities when it comes to your kiddos but you know that tooth decay is always a possibility. Some parents feel extremely stressed out at the thought of the development of even one cavity, while others wonder if they should be more worried. Of course, our Dallas, TX team encourages you to simply take a straightforward look at decay, to understand prevention and treatment, and to stick to the facts. When you do this, you’ll be helping your child maintain excellent oral health through the easy means required!


Strollers & Story Time

Babies and art museums…not two things you might immediately think go together. However, just because you have a little one doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your artistic interests. If you’ve been wanting to see the Margarita Cabrera exhibition at Dallas Contemporary, pack up your babe and head over to the museum. Just as early visits to a dental office help familiarize your baby with checkups and cleanings, so visiting an art museum will introduce your child to different forms of art. (more…)

Is There a Sure Way to Prevent Cavities?

Cavities are the most common threat to your child’s teeth, and preventing them is an important aspect of their routine dental care. The good news is that, while there is no single treatment or dental solution that’s guaranteed to prevent cavities, there are specific measures you can take to help protect your child’s teeth from them. At our Dallas, TX, children’s dental office, cavity prevention and treatment are important aspects of the care we provide. Today, we examine a few of the most effective ways to help your child prevent them. (more…)

Is Root Canal Treatment a Good Idea for Kids’ Teeth?

Root canal treatment is a popular solution for adults who experience severe tooth decay. When the infection reaches the pulp of the tooth, which is the chamber that houses the nerves and blood vessels, removing the infected tissues is the most effective way of stopping it from growing worse. However, conventional root canal treatment can often be more than a younger, smaller tooth can take. At our Dallas, TX, children’s dental office, we offer a pediatric version of traditional root canal treatment, known as pulpotomy, to address invasive tooth decay in children’s teeth and preserve their healthy smiles. (more…)

Easy Ways To Make Dental Hygiene…Green!

It’s important to you that your children grow up with a strong understanding of sustainability and green practices. This is something that you have incorporated into your life and it extends into all facets of your daily experience! However, when it comes to your kiddos, you aren’t always entirely sure how to implement green practices, since they’re still learning what that really means. Our Dallas, TX team reminds you that though they may not fully embrace the concept until they’re a bit older, one thing you can certainly do is make dental hygiene a greener experience with very simple decisions. Your kids will pick up on the details and you’ll know you’re headed in the right direction!


Emergency Dental Care: Important Answers To FAQs

One second everything is fine and the next, your child is experiencing a serious smile concern. It could be something you cannot really see but your child’s tears are enough to tell you something is wrong. Or, it could be a broken or dislodged tooth, swelling, etc. So, as a parent, how do you know when to contact us for emergency dental care, when to head to the ER, or when to call us during business hours to schedule a regular visit? Take a moment as our Dallas, TX team speaks to those particulars.


Spring Cleaning: Bathroom Fun With The Kids!

When spring is inching its way toward us, one of the things on your mind may be the fact that with the changing over of the seasons, there comes time for a nice, big organizational and cleansing ritual we know as spring cleaning! Depending on your particular outlook, this may or may not be your cup of tea. The good news? While your kids may not be old enough to really help that much just yet, you can look at a spring cleaning in a positive light if you consider it an educational, fun opportunity to promote dental hygiene with the kids! Consider some ways our Dallas, TX team thinks you can make this an enjoyable, teachable moment.