Mockingbird Station Pumpkin Painting Party

Do you find that you have a fairly easy time creating fun activities at home and seeking out cool events for your little ones? However, when it comes to your older teens, the days of sitting around the kitchen table, carving pumpkins and roasting the seeds just isn’t what it used to be? Outings that are mature enough yet not for adults only are few and far between? Spark some nostalgia and have a perfectly enjoyable Halloween-themed time with your teen at this upcoming Mockingbird Station Pumpkin Painting Party that’s just right.


In Case You Have Questions About Your Kid’s Teeth

Teaching children to brush and floss their teeth is an important first step in helping them learn to properly care for their smiles. However, it’s only a first step. For children to enjoy a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles, they also require routine professional care and education about their unique oral health concerns. At our Dallas, TX, children’s dental office, we can help your child improve their chances at enjoying a healthy smile for life by helping you better understand the details of children’s dental care. (more…)

Keeping Parents Smiling Throughout Fall!

More information about fall, you ask yourself? How could one season elicit so much information? Well, when you look at temps that are ready to dip after a long, hot summer in Dallas, TX, there’s a lot to consider. This is particularly true as our real fall often begins later than the very first day in terms of chilliness, which means once it really feels like autumn: The end of the year is even closer than you may realize! So, without further ado, let’s talk about some things that will definitely help keep you smiling, as you keep your kiddos’ oral health and general well being nice and safe!


New Smile Changes: Could It Be Fall Allergies?

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s quite a lot more to consider in terms of what the autumn season can mean for your child’s smile and oral health than you may have realized! The good news is that once you learn all of these particulars, they are details you will remember fall season after fall season (and that you can even apply to your own smile). One surprising issue you may not have considered just yet? Fall allergies! You expect them in the spring but in our Dallas, TX community, you may end up with them in the autumn, too. Let’s talk about some smile changes you may be noticing, what to do, and the fact that the pollen count may be (at least partly) to blame!


DFW Kids Directory Fall Festival 2019

Yep, as you know there is often quite a lot of fun to be had at the Dallas Farmers Market, particularly when it comes to amazing kid activities! Get your Saturday morning shopping smile going, while your kids enjoy the over-the-top fun of the DFW Kids Directory Fall Fest in our Dallas, TX community. It will certainly check off each and every last hope and dream you could possibly conjure up to celebrate the arrival of autumn!


Autumn: Lip Care Changes To Implement Right Now

Technically, it’s autumn at the moment. However, in Dallas, TX, it feels like summer is still hanging around and not too interested in saying goodbye. With that said, our team reminds you of something you know all too well: The temperature drop will suddenly happen and with the colder weather, you may immediately find your kiddos dealing with very dry, splitting lips as you wonder what to do. Fortunately, implementing some changes right now will help your whole family avoid this unpleasant side effect of sudden weather shifts, so you can smile comfy smiles with optimal lip health!


Plan Out Your Halloween Night: It’s So Worth It! 

Yes, we know that before you had kids, you could just roll with Halloween night, as you took everything moment by moment! Head to a party? Leave for another? Stay out until 1am? No problem. However, you probably know very well by now that as a parent, a footloose and fancy free approach to things (particularly those that can interfere with usual sleep schedules and that include tons of sugar) aren’t always going to give you the relaxing results and happy faces you’re looking to achieve. So, our Dallas, TX team offers you some suggestions for planning your upcoming holiday that will ensure the easy oral health protection that’s been weighing on your mind!


Science In The Park, Skeletons: Animal X-Rays 

When you’re a kid, you have lots of questions about just about everything. As a result, of course, the natural thing is to ask for information from those around you who probably know more. You know, like Mom and Dad! As you’ve realized, you don’t always have the answers to it all and sometimes, you find that your kids pique your curiosity, as you’re left wondering: Hmm, what’s the answer? Science In The Park, a program offered in our Dallas, TX community by the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, makes it fun for the whole family to learn more through some outdoor fun in the park, so don’t miss this upcoming installment of Skeletons: Animal X-Rays!


Hello, Autumn! Hello, End Of Year Smile Care! 

We know that it feels like your kids just started back at school. We know that it’s still shockingly warm outside in our Dallas, TX community. However, the calendar tells us that it is officially fall. So, with that said, we welcome in the autumn season! As a result, our team also feels compelled to remind you that there’s end of year smile care to consider (yes, even though it probably doesn’t feel like the end of the year yet). With just a few months left before it’s time to hang a brand new calendar on the wall for 2020, it’s time to buckle down and make sure you’re getting those final goals accomplished for your children’s oral health!


How Fluoride and Dental Sealants Work

Children’s dental care isn’t vastly different from routine adult dental care, but there are several unique concerns that children have that most adults don’t. Therefore, children’s dentistry includes a number of specific measures designed to help children specifically boost their oral health and dental hygiene efforts. For example, at our Dallas, TX, children’s dental office, we can often recommend topical fluoride treatment and dental sealants, which are non-invasive treatments designed to offer enhanced protection for your child’s teeth against harmful, cavity-causing oral bacteria. (more…)