Why Cavities Are Such a Common Concern

The focus on cavities in your child’s routine dental care is an especially important one. That’s because the tooth decay that causes it affects more than 90% of people to some degree by the time their adults. The good news is that treating cavities is typically easy, and preventing it can be successful with the right care and maintenance. Today, we examine why cavities are such a common concern despite being highly preventable, and why your child may rely on your help to protect their smiles from them. (more…)

How Often Should Children See The Dentist?

At the moment, we’re starting preparations to eventually open our office and begin seeing families for preventive and general treatments. Which is why today’s blog is all about checkups and cleanings, and when and how often kids should undergo preventive exams. Your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist is also looking what you should be doing from home to keep your child’s smile healthy and strong.


Making Dental Treatment Safer with Technology

Maintaining the optimal health and safety of our patients throughout their dental treatment is an important part of our dedication to providing high-quality care for children of all ages. In addition to maintaining high standards of safety and cleanliness throughout the office, this also includes making the most of advanced dental technologies and safer, more biocompatible materials in all of our treatment processes. (more…)

Ensuring Patient Health and Safety with Good Office Hygiene!

The most important piece of dental health advice we ever offer is to keep up with good dental hygiene, and we take the importance of cleanliness to heart. While our office is currently closed for all non-emergency dental procedures, we continue to focus heavily on routinely cleaning and sterilizing our equipment and office environment. Today, we take a brief look at these processes, and how we remain dedicated to our patients’ and health and safety at all times. (more…)

Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes to Look Out For

Teaching your child to take good care of their teeth is as much about teaching what not to do as much as what they should do. For example, brushing and flossing their teeth is a good thing, but rushing through the process or scrubbing their teeth too roughly might lead to greater oral health risks. Today, we take a look at a few common dental hygiene mistakes to look out for in your child’s daily routine, and why you should correct them whenever you notice them. (more…)

What Tooth Enamel Has to Do with Cavity Prevention

There are many different aspects that relate to the health and integrity of your child’s teeth, especially when it comes to preventing things like cavities from developing. However, one of the most important things to remember is that your child’s teeth already have a highly effective defense mechanism – the enamel that surrounds and protects them. Today, we examine the role tooth enamel plays in your child’s continued oral health, and how you can help their smiles healthy by focusing on keeping their teeth and enamel strong. (more…)

Should Your Child’s Toothpaste Have Fluoride?

The most important thing you can do to protect your teeth at any age is brush and floss them at least twice a day. However, for children’s teeth especially, simply brushing and flossing away plaque and tartar isn’t always enough. To help boost the quality of your child’s dental hygiene routine and offer their healthy teeth optimal support, we recommend using a toothpaste that’s not only approved by the ADA, but also specifically contains fluoride in it. (more…)

Emergencies that Might Call for Tooth Extraction

Not every dental emergency is the same, and though we can often save children’s teeth with conservative tooth restorations, some emergency situations may call for extracting a tooth. Today, we look at just a few types of emergencies in which your child’s tooth may need to be extracted for the good of their oral health, and why the need is often considered an emergency. (more…)